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Podcast: Talking Business Continuity Management & Crisis Communications with ABA

Podcast: Talking Business Continuity Management & Crisis Communications with ABA

Posted by Michael Berman on Jul 30, 2020 5:00:00 AM
Michael Berman

What are the best practices banks should follow when it comes to ensuring business continuity communication during a crisis?

That’s the question Sam Lisker, who leads the business intelligence and innovation team within ABA’s office of member engagement, had for me during his podcast for the 2020 ABA Risk and Compliance Virtual Conference going on now.

It’s more than a hypothetical question during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a key element of crisis management—one that has different answers depending on the size and complexity of an institution.

From best practices in business continuity management (BCM) communications and to common missteps, listen to the podcast for advice on improving reaction times during a crisis and ensuring business continuity plans are frequently updated and tested.

You’ll also get advice on the level of detail needed for smart planning and insights into mapping, recovery point objectives (RPOs), and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

For more in-depth insights into crisis communications—covering events ranging from pandemics to natural disasters—download our webinar Darkest Day or Finest Hour? How to Communicate Essential Information During a Business Disaster.

Whether you’re a seasoned business continuity planning expert or a neophyte, this webinar will help you set the stage for communicating the essentials and effectively addressing the complete lifecycle of business continuity planning.


Check out all of our business continuity resources.


What is Business Continuity Management?

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