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Enterprise Risk Management Software

Ncontractshighly customizable ERM software empowers your financial institution to continuously evaluate, measure, and report on risk in real time. The cloud-based enterprise risk management system simplifies the ERM process – or makes your existing program more efficient. Skillfully govern your risk and control environment with real-time alerts on one centralized dashboard for a 360-degree view of risk. 

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ERM Program trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

Nrisk benefits

ERM System Built by Experts

Discover the difference with Ncontracts - try the ERM software solution offering real-time insights into risk management programs with advanced heat maps, robust analytics, easy-to-use reports, dashboards, and charts. 

Unify Risk Data 

Ensure everyone at your institutions speaks the same risk language and relies on the same models and data for an apples-to-apples approach to quantifying risk 

Assess Risk Continuously 

Dive deep into Nrisk’s comprehensive risk library and controls and intuitive reporting and dashboards for relevant metrics that lets your team spot, assess, monitor, and evaluate risks collaboratively with real-time risk and control data.Know when to add more controls – or when to take more risk. 

Reduce Regulatory Risk 

With customizable risk ratings and reporting, Nrisk provides full visibility into compliance controls giving you confidence at exam time. 

Automate Risk Processes 

Automating risk management saves time and money, helping your team work more efficiently while more effectively allocating resources to address your most urgent risks with our streamlined ERM system.   

Work with Experts Focused on Financial Institutions  

Benefit from Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) with a system developed for financial institutions by risk and compliance experts with real-world banking experience. No need to waste time with requirements aimed at other industries. 

Understand Risk Holistically 

Gain full insight into every risk category. Nrisk integrates seamlessly with other products in the Ncontracts’ suite, serving up a unified and coherent ERM program. 

The Fairfield National Bank Successfully Implements Nrisk
The Fairfield National Bank successfully identifies and mitigates its most pressing compliance risks with our risk management software.

Enterprise Management Risk System Features

Your institution’s operational environment is defined by risk. Failing to manage risk – and monitor controls – is an existential threat. Excessive risk avoidance means missed opportunities. Nrisk is a powerful tool that enables your institution to leverage risk to your strategic advantage. 


Leading Risk Assessment Methodology 

Harness the power of industry best practices with Ncontracts proven risk assessment methodology. Use as-is or customize it to your institution’s needs. Nrisk delivers pinpoint quantitative results that drive efficiency, seamlessly integrating with your institution’s ERM architecture. 


Instant Risk Analysis Tools 

Key Risk Indicator (KRI) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking and dynamic risk heat maps allow for real-time risk monitoring and measuring. Make better business decisions with valuable risk insights that serve as early warnings and success metrics. 


Unparalleled Model Content 

Never stare at a blank page wondering where to begin. Ncontracts enterprise risk management software contains more than 50 pre-built, configurable model risk assessments and hundreds of risk controls created by our certified compliance and risk experts. Examples include BSA/AML/OFAC, Asset Liability Management, and Information Security/GLBA, plus many others.  


Expert Service and Support  

Enterprise risk management software from Ncontracts lets your institution weigh risks and address them with confidence. Our team is always here to support you – from full implementation to tailoring Nrisk’s dashboard to your institution’s unique needs.   


Robust Cybersecurity Assessments

Meet Ncyber, your personal cybersecurity assessment tool from Nrisk. Measure the resilience, maturity, and strength of your cybersecurity defenses, ensuring your institution's digital assets are always secure.

Additional Features
"We already had strong risk management in place. We didn’t need a system to teach us that. We needed a system that could work with our existing approach. For us, it was all about automation and customization."
James Jefferson
Chief Risk Officer, Montecito Bank & Trust
“Being able to create all the reporting with the same data across the different modules within the Ncontracts suite makes the whole experience so much easier for me to administer and present to the board and executive leadership team.”
VP of Enterprise Risk Management
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Risks evolve quickly. Disruptive technologies, increased regulatory scrutiny, economic and workforce challenges, and the growing number of products and services make risk management a moving target.   

Discover how centralizing and systematizing your risk management processes protects your institution from emerging threats.  

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