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Enterprise Risk Management Software

Strengthen compliance and controls with a comprehensive ERM software system. Measure potential risk impacts throughout your organization in real time. 
What are you doing with your risk assessments today?
Nrisk is a secure online enterprise risk management tool that provides your organization with control assessment at the enterprise level, in real-time. With a clear understanding of risk with ERM platform, you can improve exam readiness and reinforce strategic planning.
  • Extensive control and risk libraries
  • Customized risk ratings and reporting for up to 12 dimensions of risk
  • Organized task management
  • Automation for accurate, streamlined risk management

Full scale installation and implementation of your ERM system

  • Evaluate your current program from a strategic, operational, and tactical perspective
  • Create an ERM program that aligns with your FI's goals
  • Unlimited training and support: data conversion/import, installation, configuration, and implementation
Efficient enterprise risk management software
  • Improve exam readiness
  • Automate processes and procedures
  • Continuously measure and manage inherent and residual risk
Individualized services to enhance your existing program
  • Risk, control, and process assessments
  • “What If” analysis and reporting
  • Board and executive training
  • Evaluation of KRIs and/or KPIs

ERM software system trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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The Enterprise Risk Management Buyer’s Guide
Discover how centralizing and systematizing your risk management processes from governance to reporting protects your organization from emerging threats and positions it to claim developing opportunities.