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Audit Findings Management Software 

Evaluate your findings to direct the best course of action with audit findings software. Create organization-wide efficiencies with automated, accurate resolution of your audit and exam findings.

Streamlined findings & audit issue management software

Nfindings makes it easy to organize and manage findings and documentation from internal, external, and regulatory audits and exams. From accessing information, to assigning action steps, to automated monitoring and reporting, our centralized issue management software enables your team to solve potential problems well before exam time.
  • “Ask The Expert” feature
  • Ability to import and convert findings from existing system
  • Role-based access for findings, task owners, and product user groups
  • Automated task reminders and notifications

Show your work

  • Access to all the data you need to report findings resolution to examiners
  • Track status and changes, assign tasks to each finding, and monitor the work
  • Identify and evaluate findings from exams, as well as internal, external, and regulatory audits

Easy, integrated findings & issue management tool

  • Integration with Nverify and other solutions for enterprise-wide risk management
  • A solution that grows with your needs, with unlimited users and data storage
  • Expert training and support ensure easy implementation

Findings and audit issue management software trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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Best Practices for Tracking Audit & Exam Findings
Findings. Exceptions. Deficiencies. No matter what you call them, findings are the culmination of the audit and exam processes. Our whitepaper provides insights into effective findings management, strategies to minimize findings, and the connection between audits and findings. Learn how to leverage findings as a risk management tool.