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Exam & Audit Findings Management Software

Automate complex findings processes, gain immediate insights into exam and audit findings, and drive immediate action to maintain regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

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Issue management software trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

Our Solution

Empower Timely
Decision-Making with Audit Findings Software

Access and manage findings from internal and external sources in real-time, so you have what you need when you need it.

Real-Time Findings Management

Instantly access and manage findings from internal and external sources, empowering timely decision-making.

Streamlined Mitigation Automation

Use our audit findings software to automate and evaluate findings mitigation efforts throughout your business ensuring that all 3 lines of defense are operating in sync.

Enhanced Governance, Eliminating Issues

Drive consistency and proactive risk management by analyzing and reporting findings to eliminate repeat occurrences.

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Best Practices for Tracking Audit & Exam Findings

Download this whitepaper for insights into:

  • Best practices for effective findings management
  • Strategies for minimizing the number of findings
  • How to leverage findings as a risk management tool
  • The relationship between findings and audits
Whitepaper Cover: Best practices for tracking audit and exam findings
Nfindings FEATURES

Powerful audit and exam findings software to stay in control

With Nfindings, you gain access to premium features and tools like: 


Centralized Tracking

Consolidate findings from any source in our audit tracking software for easy management, attention, and tracking. 

Screenshot of Nfindings: Audit Tracking Overview

Effortless Task Management

Assign and monitor remediation tasks regardless of their origin, boosting team collaboration and productivity.

Screenshot of Nfindings: Task Management Dashboard

Interactive Dashboards & Reports

Real-time insights on remediation activities, keeping stakeholders informed, and enabling data-driven decisions in our issue management tool.

Screenshot of Nfindings: Dashboard and reports overview

Comprehensive Integrations

Unify findings management across vendors, internal controls, compliance, and audits, empowering streamlined operations.

  • Nvendor – Track findings related to specific vendors
  • Nrisk – Track findings of internal control issues
  • Ncomply – Track regulatory and/or compliance related findings
  • Nverify – Track findings identified through internal audit activities
Screenshot of Nfindings: Integrations overview
“We’ve been through three exam cycles and have not had one exam finding or recommendation on my third-party vendor management. This week the CEO asked when a contract expired. I had easy access to that and didn’t have to go through the paper file looking for the original MSA.If they are going to be my advocate, I will be one for them as well. I’ll talk up my Nvendorand be as happy as a clam and be an advocate."
Troy Cyrus
Compliance Officer, Emery Federal Credit Union
"Now that we’re in Nfindings, we just go in and pull a report; it’s got all the issues that have recommendations, it has the management response, and the corrective action date."
James Jefferson
Chief Risk Officer, Montecito Bank & Trust
“Being able to create all the reporting with the same data across the different modules within the Ncontracts suite makes the whole experience so much easier for me to administer and present to the board and executive leadership team.”
Tim Rademaker
VP of Enterprise Risk Management, CBC Federal Credit Union
“It’s a lot better than having to remember to open a spreadsheet. Ncontracts actively tells you, ‘Hey, this is coming up. It needs to be done.’ You don’t have to set reminders and remember it and find that spreadsheet.”
Karla Munoz
VP of Risk and Audit, Guadalupe Credit Union

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