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Add-on for Nvendor

Ntelligent Contracts Assistant

What happens when you combine the expertise of Ncontracts’ contract management and legal pros with the power of artificial intelligence? The answer is Ncontracts’ Ntelligent Contracts Assistant module within Nvendor.  

Save hours on contract reviews and
better understand vendor contracts with AI-powered contract management software. Maximize ROI on vendor relationships, uncover cost savings, and boost efficiencies – all while reducing third-party risk. 

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Ntelligent Contracts Assistant Add-on

Best Contract Management Practices

Nvendor’s add-on contract manager module streamlines and centralizes vendor contract management to help you:  

Super Charge Efficiency

Add efficiency throughout the contract management process. Go beyond basic search with the ability to ask questions about your contracts and quickly get accurate answers. Save time by extracting key information. Condense pages and pages of dense legalese into easy-to-ready summaries in seconds.  Recognize potential risk and compliance concerns with contracts in a flash. 

Identify Sneaky Fees

Vendor contracts are lengthy agreements written by third-party vendors to benefit third-party vendors. Uncover hidden pricing provisions, expensive autorenewal provisions, high termination fees and other costs so you have the opportunity to negotiate more advantageous terms and maximize return on investment (ROI). 

Reduce Vendor Risk

Does your contact ensure your vendor has business continuity plans and strong vendor oversight? Will it show you the results of cybersecurity and compliance testing? Will it quickly notify you of a data breach? Is there a maximum allowable downtime for systems? Who is financially responsible if your vendor makes a mistake? The answers are in your contract – and we’ll help you find theme in no time. 

Align with Regulatory Expectations

Regulatory guidance defines expectations for contracts between banks and vendors, including the scope of the arrangement, performance measures and benchmarks, access to risk management data and reporting, data security and many other areas. Find out if contracts address these areas and easily show your work to examiners with our vendor contract management system.  

Features of Ntelligent Contracts Assistant

Vendor Contract Management Software You Need

Our automated vendor contract management software is loaded with features that don’t just save your team hours of time – they also help you understand what your contracts really mean. 

KEY Features

Put the Power of AI to Work for You

Lighten your contract management workload. Talk to one of our experts today to learn how to put Nvendor and our vendor contract management system to work for you. 

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