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Fair Lending Compliance Software

You’ve got loads of lending data – mortgage, consumer, and small business. Let Ncontracts help you manage and analyze that data with our web-based fair lending compliance platform that simplifies the entire process. Scrub and transmit data to regulators, and then analyze it for potential HMDA, Fair Lending, Redlining, CRA and 1071 risk.

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HMDA, fair lending, redlining and CRA risk management software trusted by financial institutions from coast to coast

Nrelief benefits

Powerful Fair Lending Compliance Risk Management Software

Your lending program is the heart of your business. Give it the attention it requires without weighing down your staff. Our fair lending risk assessment software is the user-friendly, expert-backed lending compliance solution your institution needs.  

Cleaner Loan Data, Faster

Our fair lending software saves staff time by identifying potential lending data errors and helping correct them prior to submission to regulators. The system quickly processes application and loan data for clean data that meets regulatory requirements. 

Better Understand Your Lending Footprint

Our fair lending analysis software enables you to sort, map, and geocode applications quickly to help you identify potential issues. Filter by demographics, loan characteristics, and other fields and turn raw data into actionable insights. Conduct peer analysis to compare your performance to other lenders in your areas. 

Simplify Lending Data Analysis

You don’t need a PhD in math or statistics to understand your data with Nrelief. Our software makes quick work of time-consuming and complicated analysis so you can identify and remediate fair lending compliance risk in key areas, such as marketing, underwriting, pricing, steering, redlining, and matched pairs. 

Ensure Exam Readiness

Confidently answer examiner questions about your loan data and explain any disparities. The proof is in the data analysis and exam-ready reports. 

Present Compelling Narratives

Ncontracts’ in-house lending compliance experts leverage decades of experience to help your institution look beyond the numbers to truly understand its data and capture insights that identify regulatory issues and growth opportunities. 

Valliance Bank’s Team of One Crush Compliance
Imagine cutting the time spent analyzing and reporting loan data from days to mere hours – while significantly reducing fair lending risk. Oklahoma-based Valliance Bank did that with Nrelief. Read how.

Tools for Mastering Fair Lending Compliance

Nrelief gives lenders the compliance management tools they need to help ensure compliance with data reporting for HMDA, CRA and 1071.  From data scrubbing and transmittal to sophisticated analytics and expert support, our fair lending program has lenders covered – whether you are a lending compliance beginner or a seasoned pro. 


Mapping and Geocoding 

Batch, single search, or integrated LOS geocode for the highest available level of street matching (99.5%) with GPS quality street data. Analyze applications, loans and deposits via interactive mapping (includes tract income and minority, roadways, census tracts, zip codes, etc.) 


Error Identification 

Dozens of data fields make combing through LARs to identify discrepancies time consuming and tedious. Our fair lending compliance software identifies potential data errors – such as geocoding that doesn’t match or an address doesn’t exist – and allows lenders to correct them prior to submission.  


Exam-Ready Reporting 

Pre-built reporting templates quickly generate management-ready reports, including parity to peer, redlining and lending decision reports plus data analysis and matched pair reports Choose from a flexible selection of presentation formats such as charts, mapping and color-coded data visualization. 


Peer Benchmark Analysis 

Benchmark analysis enables you to compare your lending to peer institutions in your assessment area.  


Lending Data Transmittal 

Format and file applications and loans in compliance with regulatory requirements. Capture application and loan data for transmittal files. 


Interactive Data Visualization 

Interactive results panels permit users to adjust parameters, make notations, and view out-of-tolerance records. 


Sophisticated Lending Analytics 

Analyze your data by applying filters to narrow results and identify emerging risks. Perform comparative reviews, highlight disparities, and select matched pairs and target and control groups.  

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Uncovering Fair Lending Risk to Build a Stronger Fair Lending Program

Uncovering and preventing discriminatory lending practices is a must for every financial institution. Discover tips for analyzing fair lending compliance risk, implementing the right controls, and building a culture of fair lending compliance at a time of heightened regulatory scrutiny. 

“Being able to create all the reporting with the same data across the different modules within the Ncontracts suite makes the whole experience so much easier for me to administer and present to the board and executive leadership team.”
VP of Enterprise Risk Management
"I feel more confident and comfortable with the entire policy, knowing that someone who looks at a variety of community bank policies is providing professional feedback. That’s one of the best parts of dealing with Ncontracts. "
Assistant Vice President, Support Manager
With your analysis and your people, you kind of do everything for me behind-the-scenes.I get the reports and you show me the results step-by-step, so that I have a better understandingand can easily explain the numbers to my board.
Erin Goodall
Valliance Bank Vice President and Director of Compliance

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