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The Upside of Risk

The goal of risk management isn’t to eliminate risk.

It’s to understand it.

Strategic risk management isn’t just about how, it’s about why.

In The Upside of Risk, author Michael Berman shows readers why risk management and strategic planning are inseparable. Building off research, historical examples, and the most current enterprise risk management framework, he shows why good risk management isn’t about risk avoidance. It’s about risk awareness, which empowers financial institutions to be prepared, protected, and positioned for opportunities.

NCO upside of risk

It's not just about how, it's about why

The key to strategic risk management is understanding your risk, so you can manage and mitigate it effectively. In The Upside Of Risk, Michael Berman, CEO of Ncontracts, weaves risk management theory with practical advice to help readers transform risk management into a strategic advantage. 

NContracts Michael
Michael Berman, CEO

What you'll learn:

The Upside of Risk is a must-read about creating value and building resilient institutions. 
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