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Empower Your Team to Protect Your Institution

Nstitute is our new online certification program that empowers you to excel in managing third-party risk while collecting continuing education credits.

What is Nstitute?

Nstitute is a self-paced, in-depth training program that covers essential areas of third-party risk management to empower vendor managers as well as risk, compliance, marketing, and IT professionals. 

Developed by Ncontracts’ industry-leading team of risk and compliance experts, the program offers the opportunity for continuing education credits and additional certifications. Our program is catered to those overseeing third-party vendors, consultants, fintech, and more.

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Nstitute Certified Vendor Management Professional Training (NCVMP)

Our NCVMP training is a self-paced and comprehensive training program produced by Ncontracts’ team of third-party vendor management experts. The program covers all the key aspects of vendor management – including the latest regulatory guidance – to help you and your teams level up their skills and protect their institution.

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When you become an Nstitute Certified Vendor Management Professional (NCVMP), you will:

Gain crucial insights with this course:

  • Spot and tackle third-party risks
  • Master the third-party risk program
  • Navigate the risk management lifecycle
  • Evaluate your vendor management efficacy
  • Apply due diligence and document correctly
  • Secure your data and cyber-landscape
  • Manage fourth-party risks effectively
  • Foster Fintech relations
  • Implement risk controls and methodologies
  • Integrate vendor management into your overall ERM
“As financial institutions increasingly outsource functions, and regulators pay more attention to how vendor relationships are managed, the NCVMP certification is a proactive way to manage risk, increase efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.”
Michael Berman
CEO, Ncontracts

Examiners are asking about third-party vendor management

Are you prepared to answer? You will be, after taking Nstitute's CVMP certification course.
Here's the impact that our certification program will have on your institution:

Manage Risk

Confidently navigate the vendor lifecycle with your team and take charge of 3rd party risk from pre-screening to ongoing monitoring and exit strategies.

Increase Efficiency

Automate and prioritize critical 3rd parties, ensuring your team stays focused and aligned. Get streamlined and stay ahead of the examiners.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Eliminate compliance concerns and address examiner-specific standards effortlessly with policy and procedure management, alerts, and reports.

Level Up Your Team

Empower your team to navigate the entire third-party risk management lifecycle by focusing on the exact needs of your institution, rather than unrelated industries.

Access Latest Regulatory Guidance

Access regulatory guidance and perspectives from the inside with exclusive resources and top-tier risk management experts who’ve experienced walking in your shoes.

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A self-paced and comprehensive training program produced by Ncontracts’ team of third-party vendor management experts.
For questions or support, please email nstitute@ncontracts.com

*ABA Professional Certifications is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of performance and ethics within the financial services industry. The Nstitute Certified Vendor Management Professional” (NCVMP) certification has been approved for 29 credits. This statement is not an endorsement of this program or its sponsor.
Certified professionals will report these credits at aba.csod.com.

Third-party risk: a top examiner concern

The State of GRC: How Financial Institutions Are Navigating Today’s Risk and Compliance Challenges

From operational risk to data breaches, third-party risk management has never been more important. Third-party risk remains a top examiner concern, according to Ncontracts’ latest survey of 147 FI professionals. Meanwhile, the cost of compliance continues to rise even as margins further tighten.

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