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Solutions & Services

For effective, comprehensive risk and compliance management.

Experience the freedom of knowing it’s right.

Ncontracts solutions combine software and services for total integration of risk management and compliance.

Our solutions are built around these 3 principles

Vendor Management

If it’s not measured, it’s not managed.

How do you know if your risk management systems are working? Metrics. With our interactive dashboard and tools, you’ll not only know exactly where you stand in each risk category, and but you'll know how you can improve, for the most effective and comprehensive risk management in the financial industry.

Enterprise Risk Management

If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.

For highly regulated institutions like banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and fintechs, maintaining compliance is more than just following federal and state regulations — it’s having the ability to prove it. Our risk and compliance management software enables your organization to satisfy regulations and fulfill reporting requirements, for an organized, effective process to demonstrate that the appropriate controls are in place.

Compliance Management

If it’s not integrated, it’s not effective.

Ncontracts solutions are created and supported by a team with unparalleled experience and expertise in the financial industry. But we don't offer just software — we provide oversight, monitoring, and service for effective, comprehensive integration of your risk management and compliance processes.

Transform risk management and regulatory compliance from complex burdens to strategic advantages.

  • Vendor Management Vendor Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management Enterprise Risk Management
  • Compliance Management Compliance Management
  • Business Continuity Management Business Continuity Management
  • Findings Management Findings Management
  • Cybersecurity Compliance Cybersecurity Compliance
  • Contract Management Contract Management
  • Audit Management Audit Management
  • Fair Lending Fair Lending
Vendor Management

Tame third-party risk with a solution that identifies and controls risks through software and services.

Enterprise Risk Management

Take command of your risk, with the ability to configure assessments and controls and generate customized timeframes.

Compliance Management

Manage, track, and maintain compliance with regulatory updates, interactive tools, complaint management, and automatic reminders.

Business Continuity Management

Create and implement a proven business continuity plan to protect against downtime and financial loss with built-in communication and pandemic tools.

Findings Management

Manage findings after exams, audits, and management reviews to make sure you are prepared for the next review.


Navigate the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool with ease and efficiency, so you can analyze and improve your cybersecurity.

Contract Management

Ensure that your team has secure access to contracts and the timely information they need to develop beneficial terms for your organization.

Audit management

Automate and integrate auditing and QC/QA, for confidence in your compliance and risk management processes.

Fair Lending HMDA and Non-HMDA Analytics

Actively manage and mitigate fair lending compliance risk by identifying loan disparities and redlining risk.

HMDA and CRA Transmittal

Spot potential data errors and correct them, for error-free, seamless transmittal that helps prevent risks, delays, and penalties.

CRA Analytics

Analyze Community Reinvestment Act data with geocoding and interactive maps that measure CRA performance.

A team of industry experts to support your risk management and compliance processes.

Ncontracts solutions are more than just software — we provide content, training, monitoring, and services for effective integration of your risk management and compliance processes.

Enterprise Risk Management

Take command of your risk with constant control monitoring, customizable implementation services, and ongoing reviews to make sure strategic objectives are accomplished. Our services provide you with risk management in real time.

vendor management services

Outsource third-party risk identification to reduce costs as you discern and alleviate your risk. Our services are fixed, forecastable, and budgetable to ensure you have access to the right information at the right time.


Create and implement a proven business continuity plan to protect against downtime and financial loss. Our customizable implementation services, ongoing testing, and regular updates can drastically reduce the internal costs associated with maintaining your plan.

Fair Lending Compliance

Leverage our comprehensive implementation services to customize the solution to your current policies and procedures, materially decreasing your compliance costs.

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • vendor management services
  • Fair Lending Compliance

Our solutions work together for seamless integration of risk and compliance management

Customized solutions

Our dynamic, user-friendly risk and compliance management software is customizable to your company’s specific requirements.

Exam readiness

Our products and services work together to assure your organization is exam-ready at all times, even ahead of regulatory exams and audits.

Unlimited training and support

Our dedicated team has unparalleled industry knowledge, and we work with you every step of the way. Nothing is outsourced and your solution is backed by responsive, reliable customer service experts, available 24/7.

Powerful products, proven results

Our dynamic solutions and services have been proven to save time, decrease internal workload and risk level, and improve data collection/collaboration efforts across all areas of business for over 1,500 companies.

The highest level of security

Our comprehensive risk management services and leading technology are held to the highest level of security standards.

Quality work, 100% guaranteed

Our work is thorough, meticulous, and team-reviewed, creating unmatched confidence and peace of mind for our clients. Our guarantee is unique to the industry.