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Risk and Compliance Management Software 

Industry-leading knowledge. High-performance software. Game-changing results. Risk and compliance that is actually manageable. 

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Quantivate is now an Ncontracts company!
We're excited to announce that Ncontracts has recently completed the acquisition of Quantivate, a distinguished leader in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software within the financial industry. 

The world is risky, but it doesn’t have to be scary

Our easy-to-use risk and compliance software, unrivaled financial expertise, and attorney-created knowledge bases help the nation’s top financial institutions turn complex burdens into a strategic advantage. 



when financial institutions
automate manual processes


improved efficiency rate

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More Effective

when institutions seamlessly share data across departments

Our powerful risk and compliance solutions are built to provide the most comprehensive processes available

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Findings Management
  • Audit Management
  • Continuity Management
  • Lending Compliance
  • 1071 Compliance
  • Employee Network

Risk Management

Risk Management

The adaptive ERM platform is designed for the future. Tailored to your institution's specific risk and control landscape, it grows with you, turning complexity into a strategic advantage. Features include:

- Revolutionary Risk Assessment Methodology

- Real-Time Risk Analysis Tools

- Unparalleled Expert Model Content

- Advanced Risk Evaluation Modeling

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Ncomply increases your compliance team’s visibility to new and changing regulations, empowers them to be change agents, and consolidates much of the Compliance Management System functionality under one roof. Features include:

- Tailored Regulatory Updates

- Effortless Requirements Builder

- Streamlined Policy Management

- Integrated Complaint Management

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Nvendor solutions and services work together for integrated, effective vendor management. Our team includes lawyers, former financial institution risk officers, and compliance officers to help mitigate third-party risk for your organization. Features include:

- Precise Vendor Review

- Streamlined Vendor Lifecycle

- Perfected Contract Management

- Expert Guidance, Your Peace of Mind

Findings Management

Findings Management

Upgrade your integrated risk management process by automating the complex findings process and gain visibility into exam and audit findings, so you can address issues right away. 

- Centralized Tracking

- Effortless Task Management

- Interactive Dashboards & Reports

- Integrates with Nvendor, Nrisk, Ncomply, and Nverify

Audit Management

Audit Management

An automated, integrated auditing solution that not only ensures compliance but also identifies opportunities for internal process improvement. Streamline the audit process to accurately identify and reduce risk, saving both time and money. Features include:

- Digital Workpapers

- Versatile Audit and Compliance Templates

- Automated Workflows at Your Fingertips

- Flexible Reporting on Test Results

Continuity Management

Continuity Management

A business continuity solution (BCM) that gives you peace of mind with powerful preparedness. Manage and maintain business continuity before, during, and after a crisis so your financial institution can not only survive but thrive.

- Intelligent Data Collection and Risk Analysis

- Guided Resumption Strategy Formation

- On-Demand Custom Reporting

- Effective Emergency Communications

Lending Compliance

Lending Compliance

Manage every aspect of your lending compliance program from 1071 to CRA and HMDA in a simple, integrated solution. Features include:

- Effortless Compliance with Automation

- Proactive Lending Analytics

- Exclusive Access to Expert Analysts

1071 Compliance

1071 Compliance

Our N1071 for small business lending makes complying with reporting requirements easy. Rely on our team of legal and compliance experts to assist you with every aspect of 1071 requirements.

- 1071 Sample Policies and Procedures

- Automated Edit Checks and Geocoding

- Direct Transmittal to CFPB

- Advanced Compliance Analytics and Expert Training Content for 1071

Employee Network

Employee Network

Virtual employee network for real results. Reduce turnover, improve productivity, and help limit your non-compliance risk. Introducing the intranet software built exclusively for the financial sector.

- Seamless Compliance Culture Central Hub

- Dynamic Document Control

- AI-Powered Global Search

- Streamlined Ticketing System

High-performance risk and compliance solutions. Industry-leading knowledge. Game-changing results.

What makes us the go-to choice for hundreds of partner associations, two-thirds of the nation’s top banks, and 4,000 financial institutions? See for yourself.

Expert knowledge. Brilliantly delivered. 

Our seasoned regulatory attorneys break down complex risks into everyday language and provide customers with actionable insights. No additional headcount is required. 

More data. More power. Less Headaches.

Standardized metrics, centralized data, and customized risk assessments make it even easier to reduce errors, improve synergy, and grow & scale your financial institution.

Efficient. Effective. Extraordinary.

Our risk and compliance tools help customers comply with highly technical rules & regulations and keep that knowledge where it belongs — at your financial institution.

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Multiple compliance and risk management solutions.
One trusted source.

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Integrated solutions, made for integrated risk.
Troy Cyrus
Compliance Officer, Emery Federal Credit Union

"I’ve gotten back weeks of productivity that I can use in other areas within our business. It’s a big timesaver. The cool thing about it is what work I do in there actually transfers through all the other modules we own and use."

James Jefferson
Chief Risk Officer, Montecito Bank & Trust

“We already had strong risk management in place. We didn’t need a system to teach us that. We needed a system that could work with our existing approach. For us, it was all about automation and customization.”

Integrated Risk, $6+ billion-asset credit union

"When you pick a partner yes, there’s software and what it brings to the table, but also what resources do they have as far as knowledge as far as subject matter experts and professional services that you can leverage to strengthen your team and your position and do so in a way that lets you run as lean as you need to for your organization.”

Jamie Kibler
Chief Compliance Officer, Richwood Bank

"My advice for financial institutions thinking about Ncontracts is to go ahead and do it. It’s one of the best softwares that we have used, and it’s all encompassing. It gets all departments together on one system."

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