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Ncontracts Acquires QuestSoft

Ncontracts Acquires QuestSoft

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Expanding Our Capabilities For You

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Pandemic Preparedness & BCP Department-by-Department Series: COVID-19 & Finance & Lending (Part 5)

Pandemic Preparedness & BCP Department-by-Department Series: COVID-19 & Compliance and Risk (Part 4)

Pandemic Preparedness & BCP Department-by-Department Series: COVID-19 & Board & Management (Part 3)

CU Broadcast Interview Michael Berman on Third-Party Risk and COVID-19

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Pandemic Preparedness & BCP Department-by-Department Series: COVID-19 & the Frontline, Back Office & Marketing (Part 2)

Finastra, World’s Third-Largest Fintech, Responds to Ransomware Attack