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Ncontracts Endorsed by Virginia Bankers Association

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Jan 9, 2024

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., January 9, 2024Ncontracts, the leading provider of integrated compliance, vendor, and risk management solutions to the financial industry, has been officially endorsed by the Virginia Bankers Association (VBA) for its risk management software, including Nrisk, Nvendor, Ncontinuity, Nfindings and Ncomply, and its new online certification program, Nstitute.

Guided by the VBA Management Services, Inc. Board of Directors, VBA completes a stringent, ongoing due diligence review of each Endorsed Provider to ensure it offers the highest quality products and services. Solutions selected meet the VBA’s mission to help banks save time, money and resources, as well as enhance profitability. As a proud member of VBA, Ncontracts shares this same mission, helping financial institutions navigate today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment.

“Virgnia banks understand the importance of maintaining strong risk management and compliance programs,” noted Matt Bruning, Virginia Bankers Association EVP of Government & Member Relations. “The VBA is pleased to bring a trusted and forward-looking partner in Ncontracts to our member banks to assist them in achieving those goals. We are confident banks of all sizes will benefit from Ncontracts’ user-friendly technology, breadth and depth of industry expertise, and integrated and comprehensive solutions."

Ncontracts’ risk management software provides financial institutions with powerful, industry-leading tools to better monitor, report on, and communicate risk internally and externally, helping to gain a clearer picture of their risk. Leveraging knowledge-as-a-service (KaaS), these customizable solutions combine software with business intelligence and services to ease the burden of risk and compliance management with comprehensive data for quicker decision-making. With an enterprise approach, financial institutions can build a risk management culture examiners expect.

Nstitute is Ncontracts’ self-paced, in-depth training program, covering essential areas of third-party risk management to empower vendor managers as well as risk, compliance, marketing, and IT professionals. Developed by Ncontracts’ industry-leading team of risk and compliance experts, the program offers the opportunity for continuing education credits and additional certifications.

“We are honored to continue working with the Virgnia Bankers Association,” said Michael Berman, CEO of Ncontracts. “Traditional GRC processes no longer meet today’s needs, warranting a new approach to risk and compliance management. With this endorsement, we stand ready to support more financial institutions across Virginia with proven, industry-leading risk management solutions that drive them towards a more sustainable future.”

Currently, Ncontracts empowers more than 4,000 financial institutions and fintech clients with its superior cloud technology, designed to make it easy to find and leverage industry-leading content developed by a team of seasoned experts. The company continues to experience strong growth and has been named to the Inc. 5,000 list for five consecutive years.

About the Virginia Bankers Association

The Virginia Bankers Association represents banks of all sizes and charters and has served as the unified voice for Virginia’s $881 billion banking industry and its 45 thousand employees since 1893. To learn more about the VBA, click here.

About Ncontracts

Ncontracts provides integrated risk, vendor and compliance management software to a rapidly expanding customer base of over 4,000 financial institutions, mortgage companies, and fintechs in the United States. The company’s powerful combination of software and services enables financial institutions to achieve their risk management and compliance goals with an integrated, user-friendly cloud-based solution suite encompassing vendor, organizational, audit, and compliance risk management. Visit www.ncontracts.com or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter for more information.

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