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Risk Performance Management

Risk Performance Management Software

Ncontracts’ powerful suite combines risk, compliance, vendor, and findings management solutions to drive efficiency and build a risk management culture resulting in smarter, faster decisions.  

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26 percent

Average Increase in Efficiency

with Ncontracts time-saving software & solutions


of the American Banker Top 200 Community Banks

trust Ncontracts for their risk, compliance, and engagement needs

86 percent-1

Improved Risk & Compliance Culture

experienced among clients using the RPM suite


What is risk performance management software suite?

The Ncontracts risk performance management (RPM) suite is made up of
four software solutions specifically designed for the financial services industry.

Risk Management Software


The adaptive ERM platform is designed for the future. Tailored to your institution's specific risk and control landscape, it grows with you, turning complexity into a strategic advantage.

Screenshot of RPM: risk management
vendor management software


Drive growth and mitigate risks effectively with Nvendor, our comprehensive third-party risk management software. Uncover invaluable insights into your vendors and gain a competitive edge in the financial sector.

Screenshot of RPM: Vendor management tool
Compliance management software


Ncomply increases your compliance team’s visibility into new and changing regulations, empowers them to be change agents, and consolidates much of the Compliance Management System functionality under one roof.

Screenshot of RPM: Compliance management tool
findings management software


Upgrade your integrated risk management process by automating the complex findings process and gain visibility into exam and audit findings, so you can address issues right away.

Screenshot of RPM: Findings management software

See how Ncontracts RPM suite helped a financial institution like yours save thousands of professional hours each year, avoid costly and unnecessary headaches, and convert risk into a competitive advantage. 

Our Solution

How Ncontracts RPM suite helps institutions like yours

Actionable insights for successfully navigating everything from digital disruption and economic uncertainty to regulatory change and staffing challenges

Expert knowledge, without the headcount

Regularly updated content — everything from model risk assessments to plain-English analysis of regulations. 

Improve efficiency, effectively

RPM aligns the first, second, and third lines of defense, ensuring everyone speaks the same risk language.

Get to market even faster

The RPM suite has the tools and insights like GRC solution to help you answer your regulatory and risk questions for timely decision-making.

Adapt to changing circumstances

The RPM suite helps you set and measure KPIs to help assess your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Build a stronger risk management culture

The RPM suite empowers employees at all levels to manage and report on risk for a culture that is more risk aware.

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In this enterprise risk management buyer’s guide, you’ll discover how centralizing and systematizing your risk management processes from governance to reporting protects your organization from emerging threats and positions it to claim developing opportunities.

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“Being able to create all the reporting with the same data across the different modules within the Ncontracts suite makes the whole experience so much easier for me to administer and present to the board and executive leadership team.”
Tim Rademaker
VP of Enterprise Risk Management
“We’ve been through three exam cycles and have not had one exam finding or recommendation on my third-party vendor management. This week the CEO asked when a contract expired. I had easy access to that and didn’t have to go through the paper file looking for the original MSA. If they are going to be my advocate, I will be one for them as well. I’ll talk up my Nvendor and be as happy as a clam and be an advocate."
Troy Cyrus
Compliance Officer, Emery Federal Credit Union
"I feel more confident and comfortable with the entire policy, knowing that someone who looks at a variety of community bank policies is providing professional feedback. That’s one of the best parts of dealing with Ncontracts. "
Eric Vogelsinger
Assistant Vice President, Support Manager, Extraco Banks
"Quickly onboarding vendors has always been an issue with our vendor owners. It’s not something they’re doing all the time, let alone something they’re used to doing. That’s something that Venminder kind of lacked. They didn’t have that process. What I like about Nvendor is that it takes the whole vendor and looks at everything — everything that applies to the vendor is all there. And your support has been amazing."
Compliance Officer
$1 Billion Credit Union
“This is the fifth financial institution I’ve used Nvendor at since 2010…Nvendor is seamless, customizable, and scalable. If I’m going to build a vendor management program, this is what I need.”
Internal Audit Director

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