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CRA Compliance Software

Measure and manage CRA reporting and performance. Meet your CRA obligation so you can serve the community and improve the overall compliance profile of your financial institution.

Serve your community

CRA compliance software (Ncommunity) enables you to measure and manage your organization’s CRA performance to ensure you are in compliance with CRA requirements.
  • Measure your organization’s CRA performance to ensure compliance with CRA requirements
  • Determine reinvestment ratios and their significance for exam-readiness
  • Stay current with the changing demographics of your assessment area
  • Report your data and exam readiness annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly

Key features to simplify analysis:

  • Interactive mapping and geocoding
  • Performance and potential ratio calculations
  • Peer and benchmark analysis
  • Disparity analysis

Stay ready for examinations

  • Guided reviews with an analyst
  • Detailed analysis and reporting to address specific regulator questions

CRA compliance software trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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