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How a Company Intranet can Improve Employee Efficiency by up to 30%

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Jun 1, 2021

Research indicates that employees spend a significant amount of time looking for the right information. In fact, the “knowledge worker” spends 2.5 hours per day—roughly 30 percent of the workday—searching for information, according to market intelligence firm International Data Corporation.  


However, a company intranet can serve as a time-saving, virtual workhorse by giving employees easy access to helpful tools and information. An intranet can put key documents at employees’ fingertips, which can help them perform their job more effectively. This is an invaluable benefit given that 49 percent of workers have trouble locating documents, based on a 2018 study, “The Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes,” by global workflow company Nintex. 

A repository for information 

The typical document management module of an intranet is a virtual repository of information that is vital to employees carrying out their duties, including individual tasks or team-related functions. For instance, staff members can get quick access to the latest policies and procedures, ensuring that important updates are instantly available. They can also view information about the company’s products, services, pricing, and other details they might need on a daily basis.  

Online learning management 

A majority of companies now offer online training to enhance professional development among employees. A company intranet’s learning management module can help human resource administrators streamline the process of onboarding, training, policy/procedure changes, and evaluations. This makes it easy for HR staff to ensure employees keep up with the latest  as well as streamline onboarding for new hires. In addition, the learning management system automatically records all training activities, so the appropriate documentation is available audits.  

Robust search capability  

One of the most universally used time-saving features of a company intranet is the site search tool. Employees can use the search box to quickly find specific information anywhere on the intranet site. They can use familiar search terms, such as individual words or full phrases, to access documents, services, rates, and any other content on the site. Employees can also prioritize the results, filter results by category, and sort results based on relevance, date modified, and title. To enhance user convenience, links are embedded within the search results to provide direct access to the desired information. Site search also includes reporting capabilities that provide details about the type of content employees are looking for and how they search for information.  

Features that enhance efficiency 

Company intranets are built to increase employee productivity, with helpful tools and features to streamline workload and improve company culture. Here are a few tools and features that can help enhance efficiency across your organization: 

      • Electronic forms allow users to easily build forms online, which can significantly speed up the process of capturing, validating, and submitting data. The data can be archived and used to support multiple departments.  
      • Help desk/ticketing streamlines communication between the help desk and other team members. This enables problems to be addressed quickly, to keep work flowing smoothly. 
      • Employee directory/profiles provide centralized access to contact information, details related to their position, and photos so team members can contact each other easily and build positive working relationships.  
      • Interactive calendars place pertinent resources at employees’ fingertips, making it easier to stay on top of meetings and other important obligations.  
      • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) allow staff members to receive timely access to the information they need to do their job, reducing reliance on support staff. 
      • Surveys provide management with valuable insight from personnel along with real-time reporting for analysis that can reveal the organization's strengths and weaknesses and create a basis for refining internal processes. 

A company intranet can provide employees access to time-saving tools that can increase productivity. But it's more than that. A company intranet is the world your team works in. Why not make it a place that enhances not only efficiency but also teamwork and engagement? 


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