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The Ncast Podcast

Welcome to the Ncast!

The Ncast podcast focuses on the key issues facing financial institutions in the governance, risk, and compliance space—and the people on the front lines. We'll be speaking with industry thought leaders, practitioners, regulators, and experts about all things related to managing risk in the financial environment today.

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Latest Episodes

Economic Trends in a post-COVID World

How did COVID affect our economy? Are we headed for another Great Depression? What will be the effects on the stock market, labor market, interest rates, and inflation in the short and long term? Our SVP of Industry Engagement, Rafael DeLeon, spoke with Dr. Elliot Eisenberg, an internationally acclaimed economist and public speaker who specializes in making economics relevant, educational, and fun. Have a listen to this upbeat, engaging conversation about economic trends in a post-COVID world, and find out which changes are here to stay.


Regulatory Brief for June 2021

Every month, Ncontracts compliance experts provide an overview and analysis of the latest regulatory updates to help you keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of the industry. In this episode, Stephanie Lyon, VP of Compliance, is joined by compliance experts Katie Ferrell and Cheryl Grizzard to discuss regulatory changes that occurred in the month of June 2021 and what they mean for your financial institution.


Innovation and responsibility: Technology in the financial industry

Technology is a powerful tool. Innovations in RegTech (such as AI) have put critical information at our fingertips. How can financial institutions enjoy the benefits of this knowledge, while using it responsibly? We spoke with Mary Kopczynski, CEO & Founder of 8of9 and RegAlytics. We touched on the potential impact of the Biden administration's increased focus on climate change and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Listen and learn how FIs can use RegTech to not only manage regulatory change, but also spot compliance trends and analyze risks and to make business decisions that benefit everyone.


Regulatory Brief for May 2021

Every month, Ncontracts compliance experts provide overview and analysis of the latest regulatory updates to help you keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of the industry. In this episode, Stephanie Lyon, VP of Compliance, is joined by Shelby Montgomery, regulatory compliance attorney, and Robert Brosh, compliance specialist, to discuss regulatory changes that occurred in the month of May 2021 and what they mean for your financial institution.


Banking beyond Main Street USA: How community banks can stay relevant in the future

Community banks must walk a fine line, espousing a ‘Main Street USA’ model while adapting to changes in the market, technological innovation, and customer demand. What can community banks do from a strategic perspective to enhance shareholder value while maintaining good risk management and compliance practices? Will increased regulation for fintechs level the playing field? How will communities be defined going forward, if geography is less of a factor? We spoke with Greyson Tuck, a lawyer and consultant whose professional practice is focused on the community banking industry, about these topics and many other issues facing community banks. Listen and learn about the potential paradigm shifts community banks will be navigating in the next few years.


Regulatory Brief for April 2021

Every month, Ncontracts compliance experts provides overview and analysis of the latest regulatory updates to help you keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of the industry. In this episode, Stephanie Lyon, VP of Compliance, is joined by Katie Ferrell, senior compliance expert, and Shelby Montgomery, regulatory compliance attorney, to discuss regulatory changes that occurred in the month of April 2021 and what they mean for your financial institution.


Communication and Collaboration: The Keys to Effectively Applying 3 Lines Model for Risk Management

As your financial institution works to maintain the balance between operational responsibilities and continuous risk assessment, how can you find the sweet spot between risk and opportunity? Find out as we talk with Theresa Mann, Chief Risk Officer of NASA Federal Credit Union, about using communication and collaboration to implement the 3 lines model to build a consultative risk management business unit. Make sure you’re in the driver's seat when the “risk bus” hurtles along!


Compliance is a Team Effort: Training the Next Generation of Compliance Professionals

What does the future hold for compliance? How can today’s compliance officers stay ahead of the curve? We spoke with Scott Daugherty, President & General Counsel at Bankers Alliance, the holding company of Compliance Alliance and Review Alliance, about the challenges financial institutions face as they work to maintain expertise in the complex, ever-changing world of compliance, especially as the next generation of compliance professionals enters the scene. Scott talked about how banks can ensure that their compliance departments have the information, training, and resources they need to succeed.


Finding a Path Forward: The Intersection of Risk and Compliance

More than ever, risk and compliance management are inextricably linked. How can risk and compliance managers work together to effect an integrated approach that keeps your organization protected while facilitating the business of your financial institution? We spoke with Denise Guira, SVP of Integrated Risk at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union, about leveraging the resources within (and outside) your organization to engage in fruitful conversations about risk and compliance, so your second line of defense can do its job effectively. Denise also discussed the role of internal committees in driving an agenda of ERM programming that ensures compliance is involved in building a roadmap to the best path forward: an integrated approach to risk and compliance management.


The Solar Winds Breach: Future Impacts and Lessons Learned

Information security impacts financial institutions of every size—from large national institutions to small community banks and credit unions. Is your FI staying on top of cybersecurity, including due diligence for third- and fourth-party risk? In this episode, Tara Swart, Director of Compliance Services, Financial Division at All Covered consulting firm, discusses different frameworks for information security and the impacts of the recent Solar Winds breach. This will not be the last cyberattack of this nature we will see. How will it affect your risk management going forward?


Financial inclusion isn’t just checking a box

What does financial inclusion look like? How do you measure it? How do you ensure it at every level? In this episode, we hear from Lynn English, Senior Vice President of Risk Management at Lafayette Federal Credit Union, about how financial institutions can create intentional, effective diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to promote inclusion for customers, staff, and leadership.


COVID-19 Vendor Risk Management: Insights from the RMA

The Risk Management Association (RMA) promotes sound risk principles in the financial services industry. Sylwia Czajkowska, Associate Director of Operational Risk at the RMA, discussed the results of a recent survey focusing on COVID-19's impact on third-party risk management practices for FIs. This survey produced an ongoing dialogue that yielded key insights into the rapid deployment and evolution of vendor risk management practices and what that might mean for the future. What was the overall effect on operations for FIs? Listen and find out!


Insights on Boards and Risk Management from FFIEC State Liaison Committee Chair Greg Gonzales

Commissioner Gonzales serves as the Commission of the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions. He also serves as Chairman of the State Liaison Committee that incorporates the state supervisory perspective into the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). This role gives him a unique vantage point of how regulatory matters are addressed at the state level as well as with the consortium of all the nation’s federal regulatory agencies. We spoke with Commissioner Gonzales about the role of risk management and board oversight, specifically with regard to tailored regulations, the “math of things”, risk appetite and the June 2020 FFIEC guidance, and how boards should interpret exam findings.


Surprising Revelation from the 2020 Financial Institution Crisis Survey

Mary York, founder of York Public Relations and raised in the banking industry, recently released some key insights in a survey on what crises would lead Americans to leave a financial institution as well as how this would vary across different demographics. Mary’s insights on reputational risk and the measures to consider for compliance and operational risk will serve as useful tools to those financial institutions looking to avoid crises in the coming months and years. 


AI and Risk Explained

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be as simple or as complex as a financial institution wishes to harness it. But informed decisions are difficult to be made if you don’t have the right data and/or the means to sort and interpret it. Dr. Gary Shiffman, Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS) at Georgetown University and also Founder and CEO, Giant Oak, demystifies this conundrum as he addresses how AI can help FIs mature the profession of risk management as well as how to get risk managers and senior management aware of the benefits of AI as it relates to strategic planning. 


Taking the Reins in Building Out a BCM Program

What happens when someone moves from the vendor management team to spearhead and expand an FI’s business continuity management program? We found out first-hand from Ronnie Emmanoulakis, CRVPM II, Manager, Data Operation and Business Continuity Management who shared what it was like to step into the new role, how he approached the comprehensive strategy from management oversight to training, and how challenges were addressed along the way.


A look at the current and future state of banking revenues, clients, and business models

A survey was recently published on Banking After COVID-19 and the findings are compelling. Greenwich Associates survey co-author Ron Balmer joins us on this podcast to talk about the adaptations required for operational risk and organizational agility as well as how the human factor does and will remain a key asset to any financial institution.


What we're seeing in lending compliance and related risks

The only constant is change in the fair lending and CRA circles. In our conversation with Elizabeth M Ortloff, CRCMVice President/Senior Compliance Officer at MidWest One Bank, many timely and relevant topics are addressed including: changes in policy as a result of the pandemic, redlining risk, complaint management and waivers, and best practices for data analysis.


An interview with a prolific industry interviewer: Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson, founder and host of CU Broadcast, has done interviews for over 4,000 videocasts and has amassed an extensive viewership, so we thought we’d turn the tables and have him on this podcast to hear about how things have changed over the past ten years, what interests viewers, and what trends he sees by talking with both credit union leaders and industry experts.


Are you thinking of banking cannabis?

This week we’re pleased to host Tim Rademaker, Vice President ERM for CBC Federal Credit Union. As an early adopter in cannabis banking, Tim will share his breadth of experience in what to consider at the strategic level, best practices in building out the business line, navigating the regulatory guidance, and the risks of banking cannabis – or not doing it.


How banks are adjusting to cyber risk and remote exams

Join us this week with ABA's Paul Benda, SVP of Risk and Cybersecurity Policy. Learn how the remote work environment has influenced exams, data breach issues & phishing attempts, and the downstream risks of 3rd and 4th party vendors.

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Welcome to The Ncast!

The Ncast is a weekly podcast, brought to you by Ncontracts, that is dedicated to the professionals, topics, and news in the world of compliance. 

You will get to hear from some amazing practitioners from the government, banks, FinTech companies, and more!

If you have a great idea for a guest or show, you can reach the show at ncast@ncontracts.com

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