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Manage third-party risk with deep knowledge of your vendors

Software that empowers you to store, track, and manage each aspect of vendor management throughout the lifecycle of the vendor.

Vendor Management

Stay informed about your vendors and aware of their activities so you can mitigate risk and act with confidence.

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Risk Management

Gain a clearer picture of your financial institution’s risk. Nrisk gives you the tools to better monitor, report on, and communicate risk internally and externally.

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Business Continuity Management

Create, exercise, and maintain your business continuity program, so you can be prepared when disaster strikes.

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Findings Management

Automate the complex findings process and gain visibility into exam and audit findings, so you can address issues right away.

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Automate the FFIEC CAT or NCUA ACET, and ensure accurate responses and a better understanding of your cybersecurity risk.

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Contract Management

Take the guesswork out of contract management with total control over your contracts, renewals, expirations, and provisions.

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Make it easy to keep your employees up to date by managing and organizing the most current and important company information in one place.

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Board Portal

Keep board members current on the latest company information and board packages, accessible from anywhere.

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Vendor Services

What is the cost of reliable and efficient vendor management? The cost of not having it is more than you can imagine.