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Third-Party Vendor Management 101: The Basics

Original Air Date:

Thursday, December 15th at 1 PM CST



Michael Carpenter, CAMS, NCRM, NCCO

Risk Solutions Architect

Financial institutions are partnering with a growing number of vendors, fintechs, consultants and other third parties. These organizations can contribute to the success of your institution—but they also present risk. The regulatory agencies know this and prioritize third-party vendor management in exams.

What are examiners looking for in vendor management programs and what does your institution need to do to comply? This webinar will take you step-by-step through the vendor management lifecycle to give you the foundational knowledge of vendor management you need.

You’ll come away with answers to questions including:

  • What’s a third-party vendor?
  • What’s a critical vendor?
  • How do you conduct a vendor risk assessment?
  • What do you need for vendor due diligence?
  • How do you monitor vendors so you know if they are doing what they promised?
  • What does a good vendor contract look like?
  • How do I know if my vendor management program meets regulatory expectations?

Whether you’re new to vendor management or know someone who is, this webinar will help participants quickly grasp the basics of vendor management.