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Proactive fair lending risk management

Use data-driven insights to identify, analyze, and better understand your HMDA and consumer fair lending risk.

Easily perform matched pair analysis

Automated matched pair testing enables you to select custom control vs. target settings and establish credit or pricing tolerances to identify similar or better situated applicants with different outcomes in underwriting and pricing.
  • Compare loan details of matched pairs side-by-side
  • Add notes with timestamps to records without leaving the matched pairs screen
  • Access individual loan files from results

Leverage market data for a complete view of your risk

Analyze the demographics of your assessment areas and lending markets to better understand risks associated with population, housing, and economic factors.

  • Compare your data to peers to identify credit needs and competitive concerns
  • Select whether to use self-identified peers, 50-200% of your lending activity or all peers
  • Identify the number of loans needed to achieve parity with peers for specific demographic groups

Map your lending activity

  • Review the geographic distribution of your lending based on Tract Income Level, Majority Minority Tracts (MMT), Majority Hispanic or Latino Tracts (MHT) or Majority Black or African American Tracts (MBT)
  • Select filters to determine concentrations and gaps in lending based on loan characteristics
  • Customize the map settings to fit your needs

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The Fair Lending Analytics Buyer’s Guide
Manually attempting to identify disparities and track down the causes is inefficient, labor-intensive, and can produce inaccuracies or oversights that leave your institution unprepared and vulnerable to negative findings and risk. This buyer's guide will help you identify the key features that make a fair lending analytics solution effective for your organization.