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Manage and mitigate fair lending compliance risk

Easily analyze fair lending risk for all types of loans.
Gain insight and clarity
Nfairlending is a secure, web-based solution that allows you to easily manage your financial institution’s fair lending compliance processes for HMDA and non-HMDA loans, with instant analysis of data and robust reporting that saves time and effort.
  • Mitigate risk for HMDA and non-HMDA loans
  • Identify risk in key areas of redlining compliance
  • Compare performance with peers, analyze disparities, and prepare for regulatory exams

Key features to simplify fair lending compliance

  • Peer & benchmark analysis
  • Matched pairs
  • Management-ready reports
  • Guided reviews with an analyst
  • Advanced filtering and controls
Specialized for high-volume lenders
  • Perform regression analysis to find out how past performance may incur future risk
  • Examine credit and pricing decisions
  • Predict applicant models
  • Investigate disparities in model predictions and results

Trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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The Fair Lending Analytics Buyer’s Guide
Manually attempting to identify disparities and track down the causes is inefficient, labor-intensive, and can produce inaccuracies or oversights that leave your institution unprepared and vulnerable to negative findings and risk. This buyer's guide will help you identify the key features that make a fair lending analytics solution effective for your organization.