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Kentucky Bankers Association Expands Endorsement of Ncontracts

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Feb 19, 2016

BRENTWOOD, TN, FEBRUARY 19, 2016 – The Kentucky Bankers Association (KBA) is pleased to announce that is has expanded its endorsement of Ncontracts to include their full suite of risk management solutions. This provides KBA member banks with a trusted partner to assist them with vendor management, business continuity planning, cybersecurity management, findings, compliance, and risk management. Ncontracts products match KBA’s mission by being efficient, cost-effective, and protecting the most critical business operations of its members.

“KBA is responding to the needs of its member banks, and working with companies that offer solutions to address the most pressing concerns facing banks in today’s financial climate,” explains Selina O. Parrish, director of the KBA’s vendor solutions. “It is part of KBA’s mission to identify companies our member banks can rely on, which is why our endorsement of Ncontracts now includes their entire network of robust third-party vendor and risk management software and services.”

Ncontracts provides its software and services to a rapidly-expanding customer base of more than 600 financial institutions located in 45 states. The company combines full-service implementation with a professional contract management application that provides banks with insightful summaries of their contracts, alert notifications, and comprehensive compliance tools. Ncontracts solutions also feature customizable dashboards and easy-to-use reporting tools, all designed to ensure maximum data integrity and accuracy.

“Our goal is to help KBA member banks monitor and assess risks, stay in compliance with regulatory mandates, and optimize profits,” states Michael Berman, CEO of Ncontracts. “At Ncontracts, saving our clients time and money and reducing stress through automated, innovative, and comprehensive risk management products are the driving forces behind what we do. We are honored by KBA’s expanded endorsement and their continued support.”

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