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Your All-in-One Guide to the ABA's 2018 Regulatory Compliance Conference in Nashville

Your All-in-One Guide to the ABA's 2018 Regulatory Compliance Conference in Nashville

Posted by Kinsey Sullivan on Jun 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Kinsey Sullivan
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The American Bankers Association's Annual Regulatory Compliance Conference kicks off this weekend in Nashville. If you'll be attending, this is the post you need to read to make sure you get the most out of the conference. In it, you'll learn the sessions to attend, local restaurants to try, and anticipated highlights of the conference! Of course, that includes visiting TRUPOINT at Booth 610 - but we'll tell you more about that later.

Every year, the ABA hosts the Regulatory Compliance Conference at a major US city. Last year's even in Orlando was a blast, and we expect this year's Nashville conference to be even better. This year, the event is on track to attract about 2,000 attendees, including regulators, compliance professionals, bank leaders, and of course, sponsors like TRUPOINT!

If you'll be attending the 2018 ABA RCC, bookmark this post so that you know the best places to grab a snack, sessions to join, and free swag to grab (i.e. Booth 610)!

If you're not attending, keep your eyes on the blog next week - we'll be sharing what we learned at the conference next Wednesday. But for now, let's jump right into the prep for the event itself.

What to Bring to this Conference

Remember, conferences are a marathon, not a sprint, and the ABA RCC is no different. As one of the biggest conferences in the banking compliance industry, it's got a lot to offer - and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Here is a quick list of things to remember:

  1. Bring Your Phone and Download the App
    • The ABA develops an app every year for the conference. Make sure to download it so that you can connect with other attendees, enter to win prizes for engagement, access slides from the presentations, and get live updates as they happen.
    • I can attest that the app was hugely helpful last year. I ended up sitting in the back of a session on providing Board training, and I couldn't read the screen. That said, I had already downloaded the presentation onto my tablet, so I could keep up and take notes. It was wonderful.
    • TRUPOINT will also announce winners of our daily and all-conference raffle prizes via the app, and we're certainly not the only vendor that does that.
  2. Wear Walking Shoes
    • Music City Center is a big venue (here's a floorplan). Make sure to wear comfortable shoes so that you are focused on learning and meeting new people, instead of finding a Band-Aid.
      • If you do need a Band-Aid, though, see me at the TRUPOINT booth. I've always got extras.
  3. Bring More Business Cards than You Think You Need
    • By the end of last year's conference, we had a fair number of attendees dropping pieces of printer paper with their contact info on them into our fishbowl because they ran out of business cards. You'll be using those cards to enter to win prizes, as well as networking, so bring more than you think you need. There are almost 2,000 attendees; even if you meet only 5% of them, you'll need 100 cards.

Build a Game-Plan

productivity-hack-meetingWhat are you looking to get out of the conference? New industry contacts? A new compliance software? Lots of free resources? A prize you can take home to your kids? 

If you don't know what you're hoping to get out of the conference, you'll have a hard time judging if it was a success. For example, one of our company-wide goals is to meet 200 new people this year. One of my personal goals is to learn more about Fair Banking, so I will definitely be attending Deep Dive 1B. 

Build a short list (1-3 bullet points) of goals that you have for the conference. Rank them, and build a little game plan for how you can achieve them.

In addition to getting a lot more out of the event, it'll give you some great insights to share with your boss and team when you get back to the office. There may even be free resources that you can bring back and share with the team.

If you're shopping vendors, make sure to check out the exhibitor list and see who you want to visit. Think about what matters to you in a partnership. Do you want to work with a great team? If so, make sure to meet the company in person. Do you want a user-friendly software? Try to watch a video or see a live demo at the booth. (As you might have guessed, TRUPOINT will have both.) 

If getting small prizes to take home to your family is a goal, then spend a little time walking around and seeing what kind of swag people have. Remember, at booth 610, we do small prizes every day, plus a bigger one on the last day!

Find Out Who You Want to Meet

Look at the speaker list, attendees, and vendors, and find out who you want to meet. This conference is great for networking, but if you don't approach it strategically, it may be hard to meet people. (The app is also great for facilitating those conversations with other compliance pros.)

We hope that meeting our team will be on your list of goals! We'll have a huge corner booth, with tons of games and prizes. We'll also have 7 TRUPOINTers in attendance (in order from left-to-right, by row): Trey Sullivan, President & CEO; Justin Smith, VP - Relationship Management; Karina Mariotti, Customer Success Manager; Harrison Shaw, Jordan Hicks, and Katie O'Brien,  all Relationship Managers; and myself.

          Trey-Sullivan-CEO-TRUPOINT    Justin-Smith-TRUPOINT   Karina.Mariotti.TRUPOINT   Harrison-Shaw-TRUPOINT 

                                       Jordan-Hicks-TRUPOINT    Katie-Headshot   Kinsey-Sullivan-TRUPOINT

Find the Best Sessions for You

The ABA RCC is a wonderful conference for learning a lot about many different aspects of compliance. It's no wonder that it continues to be one of the top events for learning and growing in the industry. That said, there are tons of sessions, and it's difficult to make them all. In that spirit, here is a short list of some of the sessions we're looking forward to:

  • Fair Banking: Mapping the Customer's Experience
    • This will look at Fair Lending, UDAAP, and Fair Banking through the customer's eyes. This is a unique perspective, and we're looking forward to hearing what this panel has to share!
  • The New HMDA Data Implementation and Lessons Learned
    • As HMDA compliance specialists, we're really intrigued to learn more about what industry leaders are predicting in the future. This session should cover current pain points, as well as the future state of HMDA compliance.
    • If you haven't yet checked it out, you may enjoy this HMDA Compliance Checklist!
  • Applying Lessons Learned from the Recent Natural Disasters
    • Last year brought a series of terrible natural disasters, from wildfires in California to hurricanes and flooding in Houston and across Puerto Rico. This session will talk about how financial institutions can respond, from disaster prep and recovery to regulatory expectations. 
  • M&A Compliance

Those are just four of the more than 40 sessions at this conference. While we won't go through all of them in this post, check out the agenda to flag the sessions you'd like to attend!

Remember, sessions start on Sunday morning and run through Wednesday morning. The exhibit hall opens on Sunday night and closes on Tuesday night; it will be open throughout the conference at different times.

Where to Eat Near Music City Center

A continental breakfast will be available at Music City Center on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, provided by the ABA. On Sunday, there will be a box lunch, a buffet lunch on Monday, and a seated luncheon on Tuesday.

That said, it's Nashville, so you know there are tons of good cafes, restaurants, and watering holes to try. Here's a short list of a few near the conference center you might want to try:

  1. Kayne Prime
  2. Bakersfield Tacos
  3. Kitchen Notes
  4. Sambucca
  5. City House
  6. Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant
  7. Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint
  8. Trattoria Il Mulino

We made a Google Map here that you can save, or add to your own personal map! We'll continue adding to it as we find other places to try. Feel free to navigate it here, too:

TRUPOINT Viewpoint: If you can't tell, we're really looking forward to meeting you at this year's ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference. If you'll be there, please let us know so that we can look out for you. We can't wait to learn more about what you're focused on this year, and share some of what we've been working on, too.

As we gear up for the conference, we know that HMDA will be a big topic of conversation. With that in mind, here's a "What to Do After Filing HMDA" checklist that you might enjoy!

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