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Findings Management Solutions

Solve Problems Well Before Exam Time

Evaluate your findings to direct the best course of action with audit findings software. Create organization-wide efficiencies with automated, accurate resolution of your audit and exam findings.

Findings Management Tools

Evaluate Your Findings to Direct the Best Course of Action

Our tools makes it easy to organize and manage findings and documentation from internal, external, and regulatory audits and exams.

Tracking Exam and Audit Findings
New Ways to Build a Next-Generation Risk Management Process

Engage and Empower Your Institution

See how the software trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country can help you with your unique findings management environment


Our Risk Performance Management Suite

Ncontracts RPM Suite combines risk, vendor, compliance and findings management solutions                           to drive efficiency and help your institution make smarter decisions.

Vendor Management

See the big picture of your third-party risk

Decrease risk exposure and increase exam readiness. With our user-friendly, customizable dashboards, your organization can store, track, and manage information throughout the lifecycle of each vendor.

Risk Management

Risk management software, simplified.

Still using fragmented manual processes for risk management? Switch to efficient, user-friendly risk management tools that offer institution-wide access.

Cyber Monitoring (1)
Compliance Management

Keep up with all the applicable changes in regulations

Easily track applicable rule or regulation changes, seek training, track consumer complaints, and assure your team of the adequacy of your compliance management system.


Learn more about how our RPM software suite and services work together for integrated risk, compliance, and vendor management that allows you to do more with less.

Case study

“Being able to show details about your vendors is what examiners want.”

In this case study, common vendor management issues the internal audit director encountered included expensive autorenewals wasting money, lost contracts, no centralized vendor list or documentation, and overlooked vendor risk assessments. Read on about how Ncontracts helped this Internal Audit Director turn their situation around.

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