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FAQs on Compliance Management 

How are CRA small business loans defined?

A small business loan is a loan that is reported in the call report as either commercial and industrial purposes or non-farm/non-residential real estate, AND has a loan amount less than $1,000,000

What is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)?

CDFI’s are mission-driven financial institutions that have been certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s CDFI Fund

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Transitioning from a small-intermediate bank to a large bank?

If you've grown over the threshold, begin acting as if you are a large bank.  You'll want to start looking more closely at community development

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What is a community development loan?

A community development loan has a primary purpose of community development and has not been reported or collected by the bank or an affiliate for consideration in the bank’s assessment

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What address should I use to geocode my loans?

Geocode to the location of the property. Business and farm loans should be geocoded to either the location of the borrower's main business facility or to the location where the funds will be used as indicated by the borrower

Are construction-only loans or construction-permanent loans covered by the TRID Rule?

Yes, most closed-end consumer mortgage loans to finance home construction that are secured by real property are covered