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Vendor Management Includes Vendor Selection: How to Shop for the Right Vendor

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Millions of risks. Multiple solutions.
One trusted source.

Risk Performance Management Suite
Integrated solutions, made for integrated risk.
Troy Cyrus
Compliance Officer, Emery Federal Credit Union

“I’ve gotten back weeks of productivity that I can use in other areas within our business. It’s a big timesaver. The cool thing about it is what work I do in there actually transfers through all the other modules we own and use.” 

James Jefferson
Chief Risk Officer, Montecito Bank & Trust

“We already had strong risk management in place. We didn’t need a system to teach us that. We needed a system that could work with our existing approach. For us, it was all about automation and customization.”

Integrated Risk, $6+ billion-asset credit union

“When you pick a partner yes, there’s software and what it brings to the table, but also what resources do they have as far as knowledge as far as subject matter experts and professional services that you can leverage to strengthen your team and your position and do so in a way that lets you run as lean as you need to for your organization.” 

Jamie Kibler
Chief Compliance Officer, Richwood Bank

“My advice for financial institutions thinking about Ncontracts is to go ahead and do it. It’s one of the best softwares that we have used, and it’s all encompassing. It gets all departments together on one system.”