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See the big picture of your third-party risk

Gain a deeper understanding of your vendors in a configurable solution that fits the needs of your financial institution.

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Decrease risk exposure, increase exam-readiness
Nvendor is a powerful, efficient vendor management system that uncovers opportunities to reduce internal and external costs, and most important, to discern and alleviate your third-party risk. With our user-friendly, customizable dashboard, your organization can store, track, and manage information throughout the lifecycle of each vendor.
  • Configurable risk assessments
  • Searchable regulatory library that's updated daily
  • Optional continuous cyber monitoring of vendors

Services customized for your FI’s needs

  • Optimized to your risk appetite/risk mitigation practices
  • Evaluate data to assess the risks of new vendor onboarding
  • Monitor costs and controls for new contracts, upcoming agreements, and renewals
Centralized communication and information
  • Stay up to date with regulations
  • Collaborate to reduce internal costs and time
  • Manage the vendor lifecycle
  • Ensure third-party compliance

Complete vendor lifecycle management

  • Detect vulnerabilities before they become an issue
  • Prevent exposure due to changing vendor circumstances
  • Build transition and exit strategies to preserve your interests

Trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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Vendor's Keeper: How to Make Sure Your Third-Party Vendors Aren’t Creating a Compliance Nightmare
Regulators make no distinction between violations committed by a third-party vendor working on your behalf and your own institution. That’s why it’s essential to protect your FI from the reputational, financial, and regulatory risks of vendor compliance violations. This whitepaper will explore the overlap between compliance and vendor management, offering strategies and best practices for mitigating the compliance risk of third-party vendors.