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Submission Central

Here you will find information and resources to help you submit your HMDA data to the CFPB.VIEW SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS

How to Submit Your HMDA Data to the CFPB 

All HMDA submissions are processed through the CFPB HMDA Platform or the new HMDA RELIEF Submission Platform which uses the CFPB’s API. The HMDA RELIEF Submission Platform mirrors the CFPB HMDA Platform all within the HMDA RELIEF application. QuestSoft will create the HMDA.txt file for upload to either Platform. 

Note: You must be on the latest version of Compliance RELIEF as shown on your Download Center. Before you can use either platform you must first create an account. If you created an account in a previous year, your credentials should still be valid. (Though you may need to change your password as they expire after 90 days) 

After your CFPB HMDA Platform account is created, you will use HMDA RELIEF to correct all edits as shown in the latest CFPB Filing Instructions Guide.

Once your HMDA data is free of Validity Errors (Edits) and you are OK with all of your Quality Errors (Edits) and you have reviewed your Macro Edits, click the “Process Submission” button on the “Submit” screen in HMDA RELIEF to create the HMDA.txt file to upload your data to the Platform of your choice. 

Note: QuestSoft does not have access to your data on the CFPB HMDA Platform. Once the data is uploaded, we have no control. The process is paperless. If you use the CFPB Submission Platform and you need verification of submission, we suggest printing the final screen and your submission confirmation email.

If you need assistance with the Compliance/HMDA RELIEF portion of the process, please email support@questsoft.com 

If you need assistance with the CFPB HMDA Platform, please email hmdahelp@cfpb.gov.