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QuestSoft Lending Compliance Solutions

Best-in-class just got better. Simplify regulatory reporting and data analysis for HMDA, CRA, fair lending, and Mortgage Call Reports.

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Our compliance modules are designed to improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing errors and compliance risk for HMDA, CRA, fair lending, and Mortgage Call Reports. Leverage powerful features such as automated geocoding, peer data and mapping to get a complete picture of your lending performance.

Our integrations with more than 50 loan origination systems make data transfer seamless. You can easily generate detailed reports and submit your data to regulators with a few clicks.


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Reduce HMDA processing and submission time by 90%. Easily import data from your LOS and use automated geocoding and error correction features to save hundreds of hours preparing your LAR.

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Automated Compliance

Our RegTech platform enables you to order loan services, compliance reviews and tests at the loan-level from inside your LOS.

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Mortgage Call Reports

Our module offers all of the necessary tools to collect and prepare the mortgage call report data and streamlines the submission process.

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Quickly and accurately measure your CRA lending performance. Generate detailed reports, map your lending activity, and compare your performance to the market.

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Fair Lending

Easily identify, analyze and better understand your HMDA and consumer lending risk.

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See the following features in action:

  • Comprehensive fair lending analytics for HMDA and consumer lending
  • Automated batch error correction for HMDA and CRA reporting
  • Detailed analytics for HMDA, fair lending and CRA