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Reduce HMDA processing and submission time by 90%

Discover how you can automate manual processes and simplify HMDA reporting.

The #1 HMDA reporting solution

Without the proper tools, HMDA reporting is a monumental task. HMDA RELIEF was designed to simplify the process by automating as many manual tasks as possible.
  • Import data from one or multiple LOS systems
  • Correct errors on multiple records at once
  • Batch geocode thousands of records per minute
  • Submit your data from inside the program

Integrated with popular LOS systems

We work directly with more than 50 LOS partners, enabling you to easily import your records. Users can also import raw data from a system without an integration.



Improve data accuracy

In addition to quality and validity edit corrections, our proprietary edits can further reduce the likelihood of reporting errors.

Flexible options for partial exemption reporting

HMDA RELIEF makes implementing partial exemption reporting easy and automatic. You can choose to report all fields with exempt codes or select which data points you wish to voluntarily report.

  • Turn on/off exemption and options by reporting year
  • Exempt data is still available for fair lending analysis
  • Change exempt data points at any time

Easily generate reports

From performance summaries to error detail reports, you can get a complete picture of your portfolio.

  • LAR error details
  • Action and denial performance by race, ethnicity, and gender
  • Rate spread by race, ethnicity, and gender

Map your lending activity

Visualize your data on an interactive and customizable map.

  • View detailed information for individual census tracts
  • Use theme colors to quickly visualize income levels, minority percent and distressed and underserved areas
  • Filter data based on loan characteristics to determine concentrations and gaps in lending

Trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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HMDA RELIEF® is the #1 HMDA reporting solution across the country!


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