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Vendor Management Software for Credit Unions

Scale your credit union by leveraging your vendor relationships as a strategic advantage.

Stay ahead of the examiners and always be prepared

Nvendor is built to maximize efficiencies with an interface that's extremely easy to use. You can customize dashboards in a way that cater to your credit union's overall goals, making it easy to track the entire lifecycle of all your vendors in one spot. Save time, alleviate pressure on more headcount, and have your finger on the pulse of your credit union's third-party risk.

  • Completely customizable risk assessments
  • An up-to-date regulatory library that's easy to navigate
  • Cyber monitoring capabilities per vendor

A vendor management solution built specifically for credit unions

  • Tailored to your risk appetite and mitigation
  • Streamline vendor onboarding and assess risk exposure
  • Automated alerts to help diminish costs and understand controls for upcoming renewals

Everything you need in one, easy to use location

  • The latest updates to regulations at your fingertips
  • Collaborate to reduce internal costs and time
  • See and manage the entire vendor lifecycle
  • Ensure third-party compliance
Complete vendor lifecycle management
  • Detect vulnerabilities before they become an issue
  • Prevent exposure due to changing vendor circumstances
  • Build transition and exit strategies to preserve your interests

Trusted by thousands of credit unions across the country

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The Vendor Management Solution Buyer's Guide for credit unions

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