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Compliance Management for Credit Unions

Integrated solutions and services that help ensure comprehensive, continuous exam readiness for your credit union.
Ditch the spreadsheets
Compliance is essential to help your credit union avoid audits, heavy fines, and legal action—all of which can harm your reputation and ability to do business. Designed and supported by compliance professionals with extensive industry experience, Ncomply can be configured to meet your credit union's needs for comprehensive compliance management.
  • Federal and state regulatory libraries updated daily
  • Automated alerts for regulatory changes, deadlines, and action plans
  • Exam-ready organization and robust reporting
  • Integrated complaint management
  • Sample action plans to implement regulatory changes

Key features for your needs

  • Regulatory library updated daily
  • Over 1,500 state and federal guidance documents
  • Over 6,000 rules, laws, standards, and agreements
  • Simplified searching and filtering
Powerful, collaborative compliance management
  • Monitor, assess, analyze, and manage compliance risks
  • Organize policies and procedures with unlimited-capacity document manager
  • Track compliance implementation progress and assign tasks across departments/business lines

Expert support and services designed around your needs

  • Rapid implementation customized to your credit union's needs
  • Always stay current with compliance requirements
  • Unlimited training including help desk options and a knowledge base with 100+ training videos

Trusted by thousands of credit unions across the country

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Compliance Management Buyer’s Guide
Learn how compliance management software can help you streamline your compliance processes, improve performance, and keep your credit union exam-ready. Plus, find out how you can reduce the amount of time your compliance team spends researching regulatory changes and updates.