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Analyze CRA performance and be exam-ready

We provide you with all the tools necessary to quickly and accurately measure your CRA performance.

Accurately analyze your performance

Institutions do a lot of work to help meet the needs of their communities but tracking and analyzing performance can be complicated. We give you the necessary tools so you can analyze your performance like an examiner!

Compare your performance to peers

Get a completed picture of your CRA lending with market data. Market data provides the critical performance context necessary to understand how your institution’s CRA performance compares to your peers.

  • Ability to select your peers or use the standard 50-200% of your lending activity
  • Use parity reports to compare census tract and applicant demographics

Track community development activities

Track investments and services to show examiners how your institution is serving the needs of the local community.

  • Record activity, employee and time spent
  • Add documents and notes for activities
  • Use reports and filters to analyze your CD activity

Generate detailed reports

Access a wide variety of reports, including lending test reports that are designed to mirror performance evaluation analysis used by examiners.

Map your lending activity

Visualize your data on an interactive and customizable map.

  • View detailed information for individual census tracts
  • Use theme colors to quickly visualize income levels, gaps, and distressed and underserved areas
  • Analyze the affects of potential changes to your assessment area

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