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Rein in your contract management process

Reduce risk exposure, save time, and protect profits with a secure, web-based repository for all your contracts.
Take control of your contracts
Who’s driving your contract terms? If all of your client and vendor agreements are sitting in the back of a file cabinet — or you don’t speak legalese — you may never know. With Ncontractsmanager, you can develop and manage contracts that result in lower risk and costs for your organization.
  • Ability to track multi-party agreements
  • Grid view reporting to compare key provisions of agreements
  • Tiered access rights for security

A step-by-step process for secure, comprehensive contract management

  • Scan contracts with secure, web-based storage
  • In-house legal reviews and summaries based on personalized tracking categories
  • Custom, automated reminders ensure that no contract terms or dates are overlooked
  • In-house paralegals compare your summaries with your contracts, assuring your data and assessments are aligned
A single source of truth
  • Configure the solution to fit your needs
  • Manage the vendor lifecycle
  • Stay on top of important deadlines and vendor activities
  • Easily manage vendor documentation

Secure document storage

  • Unlimited web-based storage for easy access
  • Scan and upload paper contracts directly to the database
  • Document retention

Trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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How to Negotiate Bulletproof Vendor Contracts
Contract quality can greatly affect your financial institution's ability to maintain productive vendor relationships. Poorly managed contracts can expose your FI to wasteful fees and unnecessary risk. This whitepaper examines best practices for creating contracts that ensure expectations are defined and met.