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The Solar Winds Breach: Future Impacts and Lessons Learned

Information security impacts financial institutions of every size—from large national institutions to small community banks and credit unions. Is your FI staying on top of cybersecurity, including due diligence for third- and fourth-party risk? In this episode, Tara Swart, Director of Compliance Services, Financial Division at All Covered consulting firm, discusses different frameworks for information security and the impacts of the recent Solar Winds breach. This will not be the last cyberattack of this nature we will see. How will it affect your risk management going forward?

Hey there, buddy! Guess what? I just had the most mind-blowing conversation for our podcast, “The Ncast.” You won't believe the insights I got from Tara Swart, the Director of Compliance Services in our Financial Division. Seriously, it's like a crash course in compliance and risk management, and I couldn't wait to spill the beans!

We dove deep into the whole compliance and risk universe, and Tara had this incredible knack for breaking down the complicated stuff. You know those frameworks like NIST, COBIT, and ISO that make our heads spin? Well, Tara's got the lowdown on which one's the real deal for smaller financial institutions. She's like the framework whisperer!

And get this – we didn't just skim the surface. We dug into why there's a zillion organizations out there talking about info security. Tara's got this insider knowledge that'll totally change how you see the whole landscape. It's not just about the jargon – she breaks it down to what actually matters.

Hold onto your hat, 'cause we're not stopping there. We went knee-deep into the NIST framework. You know, those five functions, 23 categories, and more subcategories than you can shake a stick at. It's not just about memorizing them all – Tara pulled out the juicy bits that small community institutions need to pay attention to. Trust me, you'll be itching to jot down her pointers!

But wait the SolarWinds breach? Tara had the ultimate playbook for dealing with it from an incident response angle. And here's the kicker – we talked about the ripple effect on fourth-party risk. It's not just about protecting your own backyard – it's about what your vendors are up to too.

Now, picture this: boards and challenges. Tara dropped some major truth bombs on what boards should be doing when it comes to information security and risk management. It's like a wake-up call for every financial institution out there. She's all about getting past the surface level and diving deep into what really matters.

Oh, and let's not forget the biggest mistake in the info security game. Tara laid it all out – the one thing institutions keep doing that's a total no-no. It's a reality check, my friend, and you won't want to miss her insights.

But here's the kicker – Tara's got this crystal ball thing going on. She's predicting the future of info security and vendor management. Spoiler alert: it's all about nailing those vendor risk assessments. Especially after high-profile breaches, you'll want to be ahead of the curve, and Tara's got the scoop.

So, listen up – if you're even remotely interested in compliance, risk management, and keeping your financial institution safe and sound, you've got to hear this podcast episode. Tara dropped so much wisdom, it's like a masterclass in itself. Don't miss out – hit that subscribe button for “The Ncast” and get ready to be blown away!

In this episode, you will learn

  1. Introducing Tara Swart, Director of Compliance Services.
    Introducing Tara Swart, Director of Compliance Services.
  2. Recommendations for banks and credit unions.
    Recommendations for banks and credit unions.
  3. Incident Response.
    Incident Response.
  4. Advice on the lack of information around data security.
    Advice on the lack of information around data security.
  5. How do you know if your oversight is working?
    How do you know if your oversight is working?
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Tara Swart
Director of Compliance Services, All Covered

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