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Taking the Reins in Building Out a BCM Program

What happens when someone moves from the vendor management team to spearhead and expand an FI’s business continuity management program? We found out first-hand from Ronnie Emmanoulakis, CRVPM II, Manager, Data Operation and Business Continuity Management who shared what it was like to step into the new role, how he approached the comprehensive strategy from management oversight to training, and how challenges were addressed along the way.

Hey there! So, I just had this super cool chat on the latest episode of “The Ncast” NContracts podcast, and I couldn't wait to tell you about it. You know, it's Guy Weismantel here, and boy, did we dive into some fascinating stuff. Picture this: I'm back with another episode, and this time we're talking about the wild world of business continuity planning. And guess what? It's not just me blabbering away; we've got an awesome guest, Ronnie Emmanoulakis from Sunrise Banks, spilling all the beans.

First off, let me set the scene for you – we're in Nashville, soaking in the vibes, and I've gotta say a big thank you to all the listeners who've been tuning in. You guys rock! We're all about feedback and getting notes from our awesome community, so this episode is a shoutout to all of you who've been on this journey with us.

Now, fasten your seatbelt, because we're talking business continuity planning. You know, that thing that keeps businesses running when everything else is going bonkers? And Ronnie, he's the man who knows his stuff. He's a wizard in data operations and business continuity management at Sunrise Banks, right there in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Sounds pretty cool, right?

So, we're chatting with Ronnie about his journey, and let me tell you, it's like stepping on a banana peel and sliding into a whole new world. And hey, who'd have thought that business continuity could be this exciting? We're talking about the nitty-gritty details, like how different business functions connect, why they matter, and how they tie into IT. Ronnie's got this killer analogy about peanut butter and jelly, and trust me, it's gold.

But that's not all – we're getting into the juicy bits, like what happens when IT goes from in-house to cloud, and suddenly your whole BCP plan needs a makeover? Ronnie's got some genius thoughts on that, and he's not holding back. And let's not forget the secrets of getting everyone on board. We're talking about building a culture around business continuity. It's like creating a symphony where every instrument plays its part perfectly.

Oh, and guess what? Ronnie spills the beans on how they're revamping their training game. No more boring once-a-year stuff. We're talking about a whole new approach, training and testing combined in one power-packed program. It's all about getting the organization ready to rock when things get tough, and Ronnie's the maestro orchestrating this incredible symphony.

So, my friend, if you're even a bit curious about business continuity, or if you're just up for a great chat that's as fun as it is informative, you've gotta check out this episode. Trust me, Ronnie's insights are like a hidden treasure trove waiting for you. Go ahead, hit play, and let's dive into the world of business continuity like you've never imagined before.

In this episode, you will learn

  1. Introducing Ronnie Emmanoulakis, Manager of Data Operations and Business Continuity Management at Sunrise Banks.
    Introducing Ronnie Emmanoulakis, Manager of Data Operations and Business Continuity Management at Sunrise Banks.
  2. Hardest part of the job so far.
    Hardest part of the job so far.
  3. The importance of understanding both business and IT.
    The importance of understanding both business and IT.
  4. The definition of critical functions.
    The definition of critical functions.
  5. How did you find time to train your employees?
    How did you find time to train your employees?
Michael Carpenter
VP Risk Management, Ncontracts
Ronnie Emmanoulakis
Manager of Data Operations and Business Continuity Management, Sunrise Banks

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