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Operational Risk Management Software Suite

Solutions for compliance and risk management

Operational Risk Management Software Suite

The Ncontracts Operational Risk Software Suite combines vendor management, findings management, and a complete compliance management system for a truly integrated operational risk management advantage.

Vendor Management

Nvendor uses a systematic approach to uncover opportunities to reduce internal and external costs, while identifying and mitigating third-party risk.

Findings Management

Nfindings streamlines the management of exam and audit findings with automated task management and robust reporting capabilities.

Compliance Management

Ncomply is an efficient, effective solution that allows you to monitor changes to federal and state regulations, evaluate their impact, and track progress to ensure that your compliance processes are up to date.

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  • Findings Management
  • Compliance Management

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  • Cost-effective vendor management
  • Streamlined yet robust exam and audit management reports
  • Easy to use monitor tools for federal and state regulation changes