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What Breed of Risk Manager Are You?

3 min read
Sep 28, 2017

Forget which Hogwarts House you belong in (Ravenclaw, all the way). Today we tackle a far more important question: Which dog breed best represents your risk management style?

Risk managers are the very definition of dogged. At their best they are determined, purposeful, and persistent. They protect an institution from undue risk. At their worst, they are asleep on the job.

In honor of National Dog Week (September 24-30), take a few minutes to indulge in this quick quiz and learn where you fall in with man’s best friend.

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What motivates you?



What’s your leadership style?



What word best describes you?



Which do you worry about the most?



You’ve identified a worrisome trend. What’s your next step?



Dog Breed Quiz
German Shepherd
You take the responsibility of protecting your institution seriously. You’ve got an instinctive talent for sniffing out potential problems and aren’t afraid to tackle a problem head on. From management to regulators to co-workers, you are confident and work well with others—while posing as a deterrent to those looking to cause harm. Nothing gets past you, and you never let your guard down. Your strong work ethic makes you very effective at leading a flock.
Pit Bull
Never one to back down from a challenge, you’re all in when it comes to risk management. You have a tough reputation, but only because you care. You’re not afraid to ask the difficult questions and don’t rest until they are answered. You believe in clear expectations and lines of authority. Having had the proper training, you make an amazing risk manager.
Golden Retriever
You know the rules, and you like to follow them. That means you’re always making sure that you and everyone else is keeping risk top of mind. A team-player, your intelligence and warmth helps draw people into the discussion, bringing out their best and ensuring that everyone throughout the institution is working together to identify and guard against risks. You are reliable, open minded and go out of the way to help others, making you someone people are willing to collaborate with. Risk management silos don’t stand a chance against you.
Cocker Spaniel
Curious and inquisitive, you’re always asking questions and looking at problems in a new way. Fast and nimble, you’re good at flushing out answers and hunting down solutions. People respect your well-researched insights and view you as a subject matter expert when it comes to risk.
Shih Tzu
No one is going to easily neglect risk management on your watch. Your vigilance means nothing is going to slip past you, and you’re always ready to raise the alarm and speak your mind. You ensure your institution stays focused on risk management even when other distractions loom.
Your laid-back approach and optimistic outlook makes you fun to be around, but less than ideal as a risk manager. Hope is no substitution for risk management.

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