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Quiz: What Type of Compliance Officer Are You? (Stranger Things Edition)

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May 25, 2022

Are you a Hopper? An Eleven? Find out with this quiz inspired by Stranger Things.

Forget about which Hogwarts House you belong in. Today we tackle a much deeper question: Which character from Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things best represents your style of compliance management?

For those unfamiliar with the premise, Stranger Things is about a group of young kids facing an evil supernatural threat in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Set in the 1980s, it’s a story filled with suspense, humor and stand-out characters.

Which character has the most in common with your approach to compliance, management, and keeping pace with an evolving environment? Take our quiz to find out. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.)

1. What's your leadership style?

A) I’m a peacemaker who knows how to help my team go beyond emotion and look at the facts—most of the time.

B) I’m observant and not afraid to ask the tough questions.

C) I can be headstrong, but willing to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of my institution.

D) I’m a work in progress. I started off a bit too aggressive, but now I’ve really learned to embrace my role as a mentor. 

E) I’m the father figure. I can be overbearing, but my heart is in the right place and you can count on me when you need something.

2. What do you worry about the most?

A) That I’ll be left out of the team’s decision-making process. 

B) My team. They’re like family.

C) A massive violation that could cause my institution to fail. 

D) That our whack-a-mole approach to compliance will come back to bite us. 

E) I don’t trust existing systems for ensuring safety and soundness.

3. You’ve identified a potential violation. What’s your next step?

A) Gather the facts. 

B) Experiment with out-of-the-box ideas to resolve the issue. 

C) Find the source and eliminate it by any means necessary. 

D) Knock it out of the park and move on. 

E) Jump into action.

4. You’re having trouble gaining buy-in from those around you. What do you do?

A) Dazzle them with data and a winning smile. You have experience handling criticism. 

B) Follow your instincts and go it alone. You know how to make the most of a small budget. 

C) Throw your weight around. You don’t need the rest of the institution to make a big move. 

D) You’re not sure. You’re still finding your place. 

E) Take charge and find a way to get it done. You are creative with workarounds.

5. How do you keep up with an evolving environment?

A) It’s all about identifying and evaluating changes to understand risk. It’s important to monitor the situation and test controls.

B) Complacency is the enemy. We can’t keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them or deny that things are changing. We need to be open to fresh ideas.

C) I do my best to understand what’s going on, but I get frustrated with all the planning. Sometimes I just want to take action (or hide out for a while). 

D) Some days you feel like you’ve got it all under control, and sometimes everything you know is upended. You just have to keep a positive attitude. 

E) It’s not enough to just hear about a change. I like to really dig into a situation and get as much first-hand experience as I can.

6. What word best describes you?

A) Clever

B) Passionate

C) Powerful

D) Protective

E) No-nonsense

Now count up your answers to see which Stranger Things characters best represents your compliance style.


Mostly As

You’re Dustin! You have the mind of a scientist and an adventurous spirit. You’re not afraid to face a challenge, even if it means going it alone. While you are not without missteps (like that time Dustin raised a baby demogorgon named D’Artagnan), your knowledge and brains ultimately save the day. You are all about studying resources. As Dustin once put it, “I’m on a curiosity voyage, and I need my paddles to travel. These books are my paddles. I need my paddles!”

Mostly Bs

You’re Joyce! You’re an unconventional problem solver who is passionate about protecting your institution. Determined, resourceful, and self-confident, you’re not afraid to knock down a few walls (or deck the halls.)  You notice patterns that others don’t and refuse to ignore anomalies. If suddenly all the magnets at your FI stop working, you’ll be the one who notices it. You’re not afraid to deploy a radical solution if it’s the best one (like when Joyce traveled to the Upside Down or force the Mind Flayer out of her son’s body). While you don’t conform to everyone’s expectations, no one can argue that your heart isn’t in the right place.

Mostly Cs

You’re Eleven! You’re a go-getter and nothing stops you. You’re not afraid to tackle a problem and throw your whole self into solving it. Though you don’t always understand the nuances of a situation, you’re a quick learner. Your team knows it can count on you not to waffle in times of crisis. You can be quick to anger and may overstep boundaries at times (like Elle using her supernatural abilities to listen in on her friends), but no matter what you do, you always accomplish it in style.

Mostly Ds

You’re Steve! You may have had a rocky start, but you’re now a trusted advisor who knows how to step in and mitigate compliance risks. You rely on tried and true methods (like Steve and his trusty barbed-wire bat) and are valued for the empathy and encouragement you show others. Also, your hair is amazing.

Mostly Es

You’re Hopper! You have a gruff exterior, but under that sarcastic façade is a smart, experienced leader with strong protective instincts. Everyone counts on you. You’re good at keeping information confidential and know how to work both through and around the system to find solutions. Though you make mistakes, you always redeem yourself. There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for your team. Your dance moves rock.


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What’s your leadership style?
I’m a peacemaker who knows how to help my team go beyond emotion and look at the facts—most of the time. I’m observant and not afraid to ask the tough questions. 
I can be headstrong, but willing to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of my institution. 

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