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TRUPOINT Partners is Becoming NTRUPOINT - What That Means For You

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Jun 5, 2019

There are big changes coming to TRUPOINT Partners over the next few weeks and months. Here’s what all those changes might mean for you.

By now, you’ve probably heard that TRUPOINT Partners, the Charlotte FinTech company known for providing lending compliance software and consulting, was acquired by Nashville’s Ncontracts. The acquisition, which was publicly announced in March 2019, brings together two compliance and risk industry heavyweights into one stronger whole!

As we work to grow together, our companies will need to evolve. There will be some big changes in the next few days, weeks, and months that will support that process.

In this post, you’ll learn all about the changes coming to the TRUPOINT Partners website, branding, and company, and what that means for you!

Together, our two companies serve more than 1,250 different banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies. That’s slightly more than 10% of the financial institutions in the US!

(Here’s a little bit of detail behind that statistic, for those of you who are interested. As of 2018, there were 5,529 credit unions; as of 2017, there were 4,918 federally insured banks. Mortgage companies are a horse of a different color; it’s difficult to get a firm number of mortgage companies in the US. For example, it’s easy to find the number of licensed institutions in the US, but that number includes banks and credit unions. All that said, only 962 mortgage companies reported 2017 HMDA data, so we can use that as an indicator.)

With that many customers, and even more active readers, webinar attendees, friends, colleagues, and industry partners, our evolution may have an impact on the industry. Here’s what you need to know.

We’re becoming a single, more closely aligned company under the Ncontracts brand.

Starting this week, we’re working to bring two different companies together into a more aligned and stronger whole. What does that mean for you?

trupoint-ncontracts-mergerHere are a few of the key points:

  • TRUPOINT will more clearly become part of Ncontracts.
  • The names of our existing products and solutions will change.
  • The branding will change and our digital ecosystem will look different.

You may say, “those changes are mostly superficial!” You wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, the shift in thinking of us as two separate-yet-partnered companies to being a single, unified company is worth mentioning.

In the next section, we’ll be diving into the practicalities of bringing TRUPOINT Partners and Ncontracts together.

TRUPOINT Partners Will Become Ncontracts

TRUPOINT Partners, the company, will simply be called Ncontracts. Our employees will clearly be Ncontracts employees (with  emails to match, but more on that later), working from the Charlotte office of Ncontracts.

For TRUPOINT customers - or to use the future parlance, NTRUPOINT customers - nothing will change in terms of the products you have, the dedicated Customer Success team you trust, or the service you receive. The Charlotte office will continue to support the same products, services, and customers.

The Email Domain Will Change - But Not the Website Domain

email-trupointAs mentioned above, the emails used will also change. You’ll start to receive notes from the @ncontracts.com email domain, so please start to add these to your address book. Otherwise, these emails might end up in your SPAM inbox. (Current customers and regular blog readers: you will receive a separate email so that you know all the relevant details!)

However, this website will stay at the www.trupointpartners.com address, even as the on-page branding changes. We want to make sure that you don’t lose any bookmarks, and that you still know where to find us online.

We understand that this change may lead to some hiccups, and we appreciate your patience in advance.

In that vein, our usual response time is typically one or two business days. Please know that if you don’t hear back from a member of our team within 2-3 business days, it’s possible that your note was lost.

Please don’t hesitate to send an email to both the @trupointpartners.com and @ncontracts.com email addresses to flag your note. Even though we hate to ask that you take that extra step, we hope that it will help reduce any miscommunication.

The Current TRUPOINT Products Will Be Known Collectively as NTRUPOINT

Moving forward, all of TRUPOINT’s software products will be united under the logo and label NTRUPOINT. This is an umbrella term, and includes our Transmittal tools, TRUPOINT Analytics, and all the other software solutions. Please note: we will keep the name TRUPOINT Analytics for that unique product suite.

On the Ncontracts website, both the software and consulting services we offer will be known as the Lending Compliance Solutions.

Below are all of the software tools that will exist under the NTRUPOINT umbrella:

  • Fair Lending - HMDA Analytics
  • Fair Lending - Non-HMDA Analytics
  • Redlining Analytics
  • CRA Analytics
  • CRA Transmittal
  • HMDA Transmittal
  • Fair Lending RiskCheck

As more lending compliance software is released, they will also fall under this umbrella!

The Branding Will Change

trupoint-email-changingTo support that shift, the branding on our existing website will change. The TRUPOINT Partners logo will be replaced by the NTRUPOINT logo. In general, our existing website will evolve to more clearly support the products, rather than define a unique company. For example, you’ll notice some of the language on our “About” pages will change.

In addition, the colors will also shift to match the overall corporate colors: a darker blue, a lighter blue, and a yellow, instead of the light blue, red, and orange.

You’ll also notice the Ncontracts logo will begin to replace the TRUPOINT Partners logo in emails, free resources, and more.

Finally, you’ll start to see Ncontracts branding replace TRUPOINT branding at conferences and other live events. At the upcoming ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference, you’ll need to look for the Ncontracts booth to find the Charlotte team. We won’t be hard to find - there will be a t-shirt printing booth, lots of people, and plenty of prizes!

The most important thing for you to do is simply expect these changes. Most of these changes are designed to make the digital experience of the companies more aligned and more consistent. That said, if you have any concerns or questions about this process, please let us know! We will be happy to discuss with you.

Many Things Will Stay the Same

Even as the branding changes, plenty of things will stay the same! Others will even improve. Here are a few of those:

  • You’ll still have access to all of the free resources and blogs that we’re publishing from Charlotte.
  • You’ll still be invited to great webinars and other live events.
  • The team in Charlotte is still here to help you comply and grow!

Plus, you now can easily experience a broader range of compliance and risk management solutions. 

With any transition of this scale, there are bound to be potential issues. We are doing our best to minimize the impact to you, our readers and customers. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this. We are here to help!

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