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Ncontracts Launches New Automated Audit Management Tool, Nverify

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Jul 3, 2020

Brentwood, TN., July 01, 2020 — Ncontracts, the leading provider of integrated risk, vendor, and compliance solutions for financial institutions, is excited to announce the launch of its much-anticipated audit management tool, Nverify.

“With the addition of Nverify, we’ve created a comprehensive audit solution that is tailor made for the financial services industry, which includes prebuilt configurable content, making it possible to effectively manage the entire risk and compliance management life cycle,” said Michael Berman, chief executive officer of Ncontracts. “By adding this third line of defense, our risk management solutions give clients another mechanism to proactively defend against risk and adjust to an ever-changing business environment.”

Nverify is an automated, integrated auditing solution that not only ensures compliance, but also identifies opportunities for internal process improvement. Nverify streamlines the audit process to accurately identify and reduce risk, which saves both time and money. From its comprehensive library of financial service industry customizable templates to its robust reporting options and functionality, Nverify makes it easy to configure and execute audits with individual objectives, tests, and checklists; track audit history and status; and generate automatic alerts to stay on schedule.

“Customers and prospects have been asking for a tool to decrease the time needed to conduct audits and makes it easier to leverage the information for actionable data, said Bill Simpson, Ncontracts’ chief technology officer. “Nverify connects findings and risk management with audit workflows, allowing financial institutions and financial service companies to concentrate their audit efforts on the areas of greatest impact.” 

About Ncontracts

Ncontracts provides vendor, risk management and compliance software to a rapidly expanding customer base of more than 1,500 financial institutions, mortgages companies, and fintech companies located in all 50 states and U.S. territories. The company’s powerful combination of software and services enables clients to achieve their risk management and compliance goals with an integrated, user-friendly cloud-based solution.

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