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Ncast Podcast Launches with Remote Exam & Cyber Risk Discussion with ABA’s Paul Benda

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Nov 12, 2020

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new weekly podcast, the Ncast!

Over the years, the enormous popularity of our webinars and blog has shown us that bankers want to hear from risk management experts. They're looking for industry insiders who can break down the most important risk and compliance trends and topics of the day and translate them into usable insights.

That’s what Ncast delivers. Each episode invites you inside an in-depth conversation between risk management experts. From industry thought leaders, newsmakers, practitioners, and regulators to Ncontracts’ subject matter experts and customers, you’ll listen in as these leaders share insights and experiences related to today’s most relevant risk and compliance topics.

M in CAMELS risk management

Whether it’s a timely topic that’s in the news, helping listeners understand the impact of a new regulation, or helping them get insights as to how they can be more effective leaders, we’re excited to bring our industry to life and highlight some of the amazing people working on the front lines every day.


Our First Ncast: Paul Benda & Remote Exams

In our inaugural Ncast, we’ll be talking about cyber risk and how banks are adjusting to remote exams and findings with Paul Benda, Senior Vice President, Risk & Cyber Policy with the American Bankers Association, and Paul Viancourt, Vice President at Ncontracts and a former Community Bank Risk Manager.

Join Paul and Paul and they talk about how the remote work environment has influenced exams, data breaches issues & phishing attempts, and the downstream risks of third- and fourth-party vendors.

Future episodes will cover everything from the challenges of banking in the cannabis industry to what Mike Lawson of CUbroadcast has learned after interviewing thousands of industry innovators, ambassadors, and game-changers.


Don’t miss an episode! Listen to episodes by clicking on the link below or download and subscribe to the Ncast on your favorite podcast platform. Don’t forget to share with your industry friends!

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