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Ncontracts Announces Integration With Compliance Alliance

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Jun 21, 2019

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., June 20, 2019  --  Ncontracts, the leading provider of integrated risk management solutions for financial institutions, is announcing a strategic partnership with Compliance Alliance, the leading bank compliance advisors. Together, Ncontracts will deliver a superior compliance management solution along with the expertly curated content from Compliance Alliance's team of experts.

"While banks need a compliance management system that integrates with their risk management efforts, there is a need for help from compliance experts, which Compliance Alliance provides to hundreds of banks today," said Michael Berman, Ncontracts CEO. "The resources available from Compliance Alliance are outstanding, and we are confident this pairing of game-changing compliance management tools will prove uniquely beneficial to our clients."

Ncomply is a full-fledged compliance management system designed to streamline regulatory compliance.  Ncomply includes regulatory updates, interpretive guidance, change management, cross-departmental collaboration, management reports, the ability to track training activity, board reports, the ability to track policy changes, and examiner reports. Compliance Alliance will offer additional tools such as checklists, sample policies and procedures, as well as regulatory help desk accessible within the platform.

"Our customers have been asking for a technology solution as an overlay to the tools and assistance they receive from Compliance Alliance, and Ncontracts is an ideal fit with the right mix of technology and compliance culture that we knew our customers would appreciate," said Scott Daugherty, Compliance Alliance President and General Counsel. "We see tremendous synergies for serving the bank compliance space as the regulatory constructs grow increasingly complex."


Ncontracts® is a leading provider of risk management software and services to financial institutions. While we started with our industry-leading vendor management platform, our portfolio offerings have evolved to feature enterprise risk management, business continuity risk management, findings management, and lending compliance analytics. More than 1,300 financial institutions use Ncontracts to manage risk more efficiently and effectively using our integrated suite of software and services. www.ncontracts.com


Founded in 2011, Compliance Alliance is the only banking industry compliance resource that is owned, operated and managed by 29  State Bankers Associations. Based on the needs of community bankers, Compliance Alliance provides its members an all-inclusive set of bank compliance tools and services that help them stay up-to-date with consumer and regulatory requirements. www.compliancealliance.com


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