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Community Bankers Association of Illinois Endorses Ncontracts Risk Management Solutions

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May 1, 2019


The Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI) and Ncontracts jointly announce the Association’s endorsement of Ncontracts’ full suite of risk management solutions. In today’s increasingly complex and regulated environment, CBAI member banks can rely on Ncontracts to be a trusted teammate to assist them with vendor and risk management, business continuity planning, cybersecurity assessments, contract management and findings management. Ncontracts products are efficient, cost-effective, and protect the most critical business operations of their financial institution clients.

“CBAI and CBSC, CBAI’s for-profit subsidiary, are committed to bring Illinois community bankers the tools with the necessary safeguards to protect themselves and their customers from risk,” said Michael Kelley, president of CBAI’s Community Bank Service Corporation. “Ncontracts’ integrated risk management product suite does that and more, and we’re pleased to get this partnership underway.”

Ncontracts provides its software and services to a rapidly-expanding customer base of more than 1,300 financial institutions located in all 50 states and U.S. territories. The company’s powerful combination of software and services enables financial institutions to achieve their risk management goals with user-friendly, cost-saving solutions - providing seamless integration for total risk management, backed by dedicated support, unlimited training, and guaranteed accuracy.

“Our goal is to help CBAI member banks monitor and assess risks, stay in compliance with regulatory mandates, and optimize profits,” states Michael Berman, CEO of Ncontracts. “At Ncontracts, saving our clients time and money and reducing stress through automated, innovative, and comprehensive risk management products are the driving forces behind what we do. We are honored to have CBAI’s support.”

About Ncontracts: Ncontracts is a leading provider of risk management software and services to financial institutions. While we started with our industry-leading vendor management platform, our portfolio offerings have evolved to feature enterprise risk management, business continuity risk management, findings management, lending compliance, and cybersecurity management. More than 1,300 financial institutions use Ncontracts to manage risk more efficiently and effectively using our integrated suite of software and services.

About Community BancService Corporation, Inc. (CBSC): A subsidiary of Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI), CBSC aggregates the “clout” of CBAI member banks to negotiate lower costs and provide improved access to essential bank products and services. CBSC-endorsed programs range from mission-critical investment portfolio, lending and technology services, to discount purchasing and income-enhancing products. CBAI members use an average of nearly five CBSC marketing partners.



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