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Don't Let HMDA Data Fade in the Rearview

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Mar 13, 2015

Congratulations! Your initial HMDA submission date (March 2nd) has come and gone. Now is the best time to explore your 2014 HMDA data. What is the data telling your regulators?

Now that your HMDA data is filed, what happens? Well, according to the regulators, March officially kicks off the “data review season.” This is certainly true for the regulators.

The regulators are exploring your data. The FFIEC lists the following HMDA data processing timeline:

  • Late March/Early April: Reports that identify possible reporting errors (quality edits) are generated. Instituions that fail the quality edit tests are contacted to resolve.
  • Last Wednesday in April: The HMDA production processing system is “closed for check-out” and reports are generated to complete the final data quality assessment.
  • Early to Mid-June: Public and aggregated disclosure reports are createdand tested.
  • Early to Mid-September: Release of the HMDA data and reports made available to public.

Here are some of our most popular HMDA blogs that provide a road map for best practices during the HMDA data analysis season:

TRUPOINT Viewpoint: As the sun sets on your 2014 data submission, don’t forget to keep an eye on the rearview mirror. It is important to analyze the data and be prepared to tell your story. Are there disparities between prohibited basis groups and control groups?

TRUPOINT Partners helps over 450 financial institutions analyze their HMDA data on an annual basis. We make it easy to submit the data, create the right reports and analyze your results. You can trust our experts to help you tell your story.

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