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Happy New Year! 3 Compliance Resolutions for 2012

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Jan 3, 2012

Here are a few of TRUPOINT Partners' New Year's Resolutions for 2012.

Fair-lending-compliance-trupoint-partnersThe team at TRUPOINT Partners is really looking forward to celebrating the coming year. While the age-old practice of making New Year’s resolutions is typically associated with individuals, we feel it is important to post our corporate resolutions for 2012.

Here are three key areas where we will continue to invest our time, money and energy this coming year:

1. Quality Reporting 

We continue to actively listen and work with regulators, consultants and our clients to improve our reports. Through this feedback-based collaborative approach, we have developed the industry’s best Fair Lending, CRA, geocoding and mapping products available to financial institutions.

Markets change, regulations shift focus, and clients’ needs evolve; therefore, we will continue to collaborate and serve the market needs by actively listening. With your input, this will be a continuous journey. We will be launching several new reporting suites in 2012 based on your collaborative input.

2. Best of Industry Service

We conducted a focused client survey in 2011. The feedback we received encouraged us to focus on new products and leverage our strengths associated with service delivery. Our clients said that they loved our hands-on service, when our experts personally walked them through their data and gave them perspectives when requested.

Our second New Year’s resolution is to continue to offer hands-on service. And we will be growing our relationship management team in 2012 to make sure that, as our business grows, our expert support, guidance and client service continue to meet or surpass the standards our customers have learned to expect.

3. Simplicity: Ease of Access and Simple-to-Use Reporting

Financial institutions continue to seek ways to make compliance and management more efficient and productive. Historically, we have served these needs by taking responsibility for collecting, analyzing and summarizing the data. Our final New Year’s resolution is to offer reporting on-demand.

In late January, we will launch our new TRUPOINT Analytics platform that will: a) provide you on-demand access to your reporting; b) analyze your data and compare it against peers; and c) enable you to seek custom analytics assistance with just a few simple clicks. 

These three areas of focus are embedded within our corporate culture. They are not only new resolutions, but also a recommitment for 2012. We are excited about what the New Year brings.

At TRUPOINT Partners, we are committed to our clients’ success by providing quality reporting, the best service, and simplicity.

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