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5 Free Compliance Resources to Download and Share

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May 15, 2019

Although the compliance landscape has been relatively stable lately, it remains essential for compliance pros to keep their wits sharp. In this article, you'll gain five valuable, and free compliance resources that you can download and share with your colleagues. One of them is even a brand-new Fair Lending training module that you can use at your financial institution!

As the regulators begin to turn their attention to rule-making and reform, like debt collection, it's important for compliance professionals to make sure they are prepared for changes. To help you do just that, we've gathered a handful of valuable compliance resources that you can download and share with your team!

Let's jump right in:

1. Vendor Management Risk Worksheet

Vendor risk management is one of the top risks facing financial institutions today. The regulators will view risks posed by your vendors and third-party partners as your own. Consequences for failing to manage your vendors risks may range from a slap on the risks to fines. 

There are a few risks that you need to make sure to manage, and seven of them stand out consistently. You can learn them with this worksheet, released earlier this year. Just fill out this form to get it immediately. You can also learn more about vendor risk and how Ncontracts can help with Nvendor, their vendor management software.

2. Regulatory Compliance Glossary

This completely free compliance glossary includes the definitions for more than 200 key terms that every regulatory compliance pro needs to know. We've heard from more than one reader that they can't believe it's free. 

In it, you'll see the essentials details about many of the key compliance regulations. From Fair Lending discrimination to BSA/AML compliance, to lesser-known terms like "AMPTA, the Alternative Mortgage Transactions Parity Act of 1982," there is something for everyone.

Remember, new compliance terminology will be added almost every week! That's why we recommend refreshing the link to this resource often to make sure it’s up-to-date.

3. Guide to Customer Due Diligence for BSA/AML Compliance

The recent changes to BSA/AML compliance requirements have caused more than a little confusion. This new "fifth pillar" of BSA/AML compliance is an essential one, but it does come with challenges.

All financial institutions were required to be in compliance by May of 2018, but we've seen that some continue to struggle. In this free guide to the CDD Rule, you'll learn:

  • All about the history of Customer Due Diligence requirements.
  • The changes that you'll went into effect in 2018.
  • CDD Key Terms, like Beneficial Owner and Legal Entity Customer.

Simply fill out the form to get this free guide today.

4. UDAAP Compliance Webinar

This webinar will cover: 

  • Activities that pose significant UDAAP risk
  • Why consumer complaints matter
  • Analysis of violations: Mortgage servicing and payments (e.g., credit cards and offsets)
  • Avoiding violations with internal and external controls
  • How to risk assess policies and procedures to avoid internal UDAAP transgressions
  • Controlling third-party UDAAP risk

And more!


5. Brand-New Fair Lending Training Module

We're excited to announce this brand-new Fair Lending training module, just released today! This is one of the most common requests we get, and we're glad to finally share this resource with you. 

In it, you'll learn all the basics of Fair Lending compliance in an easy-to-present training module. Feel free to use this as the foundation for your next Fair Lending training session - it is designed for just that purpose! 

You can feel free to edit this by adding statements about your financial institution's commitment to compliance, regulatory history, or other details that may be valuable and relevant. However, do know that all use is at your own risk.

Ncontracts Viewpoint: Ncontracts specializes in helping financial institution comply and grow. To that end, we've created a wealth of content to help you manage your risk and create a strong culture of compliance. 


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