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10 Exciting Sessions at the 2019 ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference

10 Exciting Sessions at the 2019 ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference

Posted by Justin Smith on Jun 5, 2019 9:24:39 AM
Justin Smith
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There are more than 50 sessions at next week's ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference, plus countless more events. To make sure you don't miss a thing, here are 10 sessions we're looking forward to most to consider adding to your schedule! Prep for success with this handy guide.

If you’ll be attending the upcoming ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference (also often referred to as the ABA RCC), you know by now that there are a lot of great sessions and opportunities. The conference is also an investment, so you don’t want to miss a thing! We are here to help

Learn about 10 sessions you don’t want to miss during the ABA RCC in New Orleans, plus a few more bonuses.

There are more than 50 different sessions at this conference, not to mention countless other events like power breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cocktail hours, exhibit hall events, and more. These 10 are chosen simply based on what we’ve heard are industry-wide priorities, and believe our readers are likely to be most interested in. However, don’t take it for gospel! We’ve also compiled a list of all the sessions at the bottom of this post so you can review them all and decide for yourself what you want to attend.

FYI: eight folks from the Charlotte office will be in attendance at the ABA RCC. Since we were acquired by Ncontracts earlier this year, we will all be at the new Ncontracts booth (Booth 313) having a conference-long party. Join us for t-shirt printing, raffle prizes, and lots of happy people!

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Before we get started with the top 10 list, there are a few quick things to know:

  • The conference kicks off this Sunday! We recently wrote this blog about all of the things you need to know to prepare for success at the ABA RCC. Don’t miss that post to learn what to pack, where to eat, and who to see! And here is a different blog with 10 tips for making the most of your next banking industry conference.
  • To help allow people to attend all the sessions they want to, many if not most of the sessions occur more than once.
  • As we mentioned in last week’s blog, the ABA RCC organizers have built “tracks” that will allow you to highlight the sessions that are the most relevant. Those tracks are:
    • COMPL - Compliance Risk Management (Governance/Measuring, Reporting/Exam Management)
    • LEGAL - Legal/Regulatory Risk
    • CONSMR - Consumer Protection
    • LENDING - Lending
    • LEADER - Leadership/Talent Management: The Futured Focused Compliance Officer
    • INFOSEC - Information Security/Financial Crimes
    • INNOV-A - Innovation Track A: Tech Tools for Compliance Officers - Understanding How it is All Changing
    • INNOV-B - Innovation Track B: Technology Priority Issues: Challenges and Solutions
  • We will not be spending time talking about the pre-conference Fair Lending workshop in this post. However, if you’ll be attending, you may see a familiar face or two from our team!
  • The ABA has released a mobile app; in the past, it would allow you to create your own schedule. While we’re not sure if this year’s app will have that functionality, if it does exist this year, you should consider using it! It’s a huge help as you dash between sessions and events. 

Okay, let’s jump right in to the top 10 sessions we’re looking forward to at the ABA RCC! 

1. Next Gen Compliance Management Systems: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s CMS!

This is one that we mentioned in last week’s post, but we wanted to spend a little more time on it here. We're really interested in learning more about the Compliance Management System (CMS) of the future! Here’s the description:

“CMS 3.0 is here but what should it look like? This panel will address practical approaches for all bank sizes to further develop an evolving CMS that is dynamic and responsive to regulatory changes and expectations, while addressing industry trends, and providing tactical tools to better leverage your own risk indicators.”


  • Maureen Carollo, CRCM, CAMS, Senior Vice President, Director of Compliance, Great Plains Bank


  • Stephanie Boryla, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, UMB Financial Corporation 
  • Pamela Perdue, Executive Vice President and Chief Regulatory Officer, Continuity
  • Thomas W. Williams, CRCM, CCBIA, ACT Specialist, Senior Vice President, United Bank

As compliance requirements and the regulatory approach continues to evolve, your compliance management system remains essential. We’re looking forward to hearing what these industry pros have to say about how to build a strong, effective, and responsive CMS!

2. Board Reporting: Is it "War and Peace" or "Cliff Notes"? A Roundtable Discussion

Board reporting is one of those requirements that lots of bankers love to hate. It’s challenging to decide what information to share, how best to present it, and how to walk that fine balance of providing enough, but not too much detail. This session addresses exactly that challenge, with insights from leading bankers. Here’s the description:

“How much is enough and how much is too much? This session will tackle the age-old question: How do we provide the Board the precise amount of information regulators expect and the Board needs to make informed decisions? This session will cover new strategies to balance these priorities to improve your reporting.


  • Cara C. James, CPA, CRCM, Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Arvest Bank


  • Maureen Carollo, CRCM, CAMS, Senior Vice President, Director of Compliance, Great Plains Bank
  • Carolyn Wind, Chief Compliance Officer, People's United Bank, NA 

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3. A Banker’s Guide to the New HMDA Data

Nothing in the regulatory world attracted more focus in the Charlotte office over the last few years than HMDA. It has been changing so much -and leading to so many changes in the data analysis we provide – that we couldn’t help but focus on it. From the data disclosure changes to the public release, not to mention all the updated requirements, HMDA can present challenges. We’re really looking forward to hearing what these compliance pros say about the insights from the new data. 

"You survived the 2018 HMDA data collection and reporting processes. What do you do now? After a review of what the national aggregate data, our panelists will discuss how you can use that information and your own data in your fair lending and CRA compliance programs, with a focus on how to prepare for a HMDA and fair lending exam.”


  • Gary A. Pacos, Senior Vice President, Director of Fair and Responsible Banking, KeyBank


  • Anurag Agarwal, President, RiskExec, Asurity
  • Matthew Darragh, Vice President, Compliance Risk Management, Fair Lending Officer, M&T Bank
  • Rick Freer, Senior Director, Examination and Compliance Programs, Center for Regulatory Compliance, American Bankers Association
  • Carl G. Pry, CRCM, Managing Director, Treliant
  • Shannon Thomason, CRCM, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Central Bancompany

[Free Resource: Guide to the HMDA Changes]

4. Top CRA Challenges and How to Solve Them

As we look to improve CRA compliance (and even prepare for the potential CRA modernization), now is a wonderful time to refresh your knowledge of CRA compliance and the risks.

fair-lending-cra-housesWe’re really interested to see what the speakers and moderators have to say about M&A considerations and community development. Here’s the description:

“Join us as we review current Community Reinvestment / Community Development challenges, emerging risks and hot topics. The session will explore exam management and structure, CRA effects of Home Equity HMDA reporting, M&A considerations, and working with community groups. We will also discuss whether aiming for Satisfactory is enough. NOTE: The Flash Session on CRA will deal exclusively with regulatory updates."


  • Krista Shonk, Vice President, Regulatory Compliance Policy, Center for Regulatory Compliance, American Bankers Association


  • Staci Glenn Short, CRCM, CRP, Senior Vice President, Community Development Program Director, Huntington National Bank
  • Martie North, Senior Vice President and Director, Community Development & CRA, Simmons Bank
  • Carmen Ramirez, Assistant Vice President, CRA and Fair Lending Manager, Hancock Whitney Bank 

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5. Fair Lending Hot Topics: What Is Keeping You Up at Night?

Despite the relative lack of Fair Lending enforcement actions lately, we still think it’s one of those areas of compliance that deserves a lot of focus. Beyond the reasons you already know, Fair Lending is important because consumers care. The public is more educated now on Fair Lending and Redlining issues than ever before! This session should provide a really good overview of changes to the Fair Lending landscape. Here’s the description:  

“If you need a drilled-down review of all of the recent enforcement trends and emerging fair lending concerns – this session is for you. We’ll not only review hot topics, but we’ll provide you with compliance management strategies to mitigate risk and satisfy examiners. This must-see session will help you align your fair lending priorities.”


  • Cara C. James, CPA, CRCM, Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Arvest Bank


  • Carl G. Pry, CRCM, Managing Director, Treliant
  • Christopher J. Willis, Partner, Ballard Spahr LLP

6. Compliance and FinTech: From Onboarding to Monitoring and Everything in Between!

As a FinTech company ourselves, we are really looking forward to hearing what these experts have to say about the risks and the best way to manage those relationships. We want to continue to serve you best, so for us, this is a must-see. Here’s the description:

“Banking FinTechs is a great source of new revenue for banks large and small. However, the adoption of new disruptive technology can create compliance pain-points. Presenters in this session will discuss the compliance risks for banking FinTechs and provide practical solutions for how to mitigate this risk from the due diligence stage and onward.”


  • Sterling W. Hening, CRCM, Vice President, Compliance, Capital One Bank (USA) NA


  • John A. Beccia III, Co-Founder and CEO, FS Vector LLC
  • Patti Hartsfield-Davis, SVP, Consumer & Business Practices Compliance, Fifth Third Bank 

7. Banking a Marijuana or CBD Business

As we wrote about earlier this year, we’re expecting some clarity from the regulators and federal officials on their approach to banking marijuana and CBD businesses. For lots of states, this is a critical issue. This is one topic where societal changes are really having a major impact on our industry; it’s important to stay in-the-know with hot topics like this. Here’s the description: 

“With more and more states legalizing some form of marijuana for medical or adult use, bankers can no longer avoid the consequences. Some bankers have elected to accept the risks and bank those businesses that are directly connected to the plant, such as growers and retailers. Others are more risk averse, but still have to handle customers who may be suppliers or vendors, landlords, or employees of a marijuana-related business. And, after the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp production, there are questions about how that fits into the equation. This session will take an open look at how banks are banking marijuana-related businesses and others connect to those businesses. We’ll also look at the current environment surrounding CBD products which are gaining in popularity. You’ll hear from experts on how to evaluate and manage the risks in this environment.”


  • Robert G. Rowe (Rob), III, Vice President/Associate Chief Counsel, Regulatory Compliance, American Bankers Association 


  • Michael J. Bresnick, Partner, Veneable LLP
  • Mark Haden, Vice President, Colorado National Bank
  • Jack N. Jacobson, Advisor, Thompson Coburn LLP 

8. Digital Marketing: When Compliance and Technology Collide

banking-compliance-marketingLast year’s digital redlining settlement, and all the movement around penalizing Facebook for their advertising practices, brought the importance of compliance in marketing to the forefront. As the potential risk exposure escalates, so should any understanding of the risk landscape. Here’s the description:

“To safely and effectively use digital marketing, banks must understand the intersection of compliance and digital marketing tools. This session will discuss regulations that impact digital marketing and the key steps in developing the compliance/risk framework required to understand and mitigate digital marketing risks.”


  • Kevin Georgetti, Esq. CRCM CAMS , Chief Compliance Officer, Executive Vice President, First United Bank & Trust


  • Casandra Cooper, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Operations Artificial Intelligence Solutions Manager, Regions Bank
  • Renee Huffaker, CRCM, Arvest Bank

9. Building a Strong Three-Lines-of-Defense Strategy

This sounds like a great session with a lot of really tactical takeaways. That’s why we’re so interested to hear what these experienced bankers have to say about best practices for building a strong three-lines-of-defense strategy. Plus, it’s interactive, and those sessions are usually really engaging. Here’s the description:

“This interactive discussion will provide attendees with leading practices and proven tactics to: establish roles and responsibilities; strategies to be efficient with transparency throughout the organization; and how to sustain the three lines of defense. Attendees will also receive key takeaways that can be quickly implemented and utilized at your organization.”


  • Krysti Cunningham, CRCM, CAMS, Senior Vice President, Compliance Officer, Security National Bank


  • Stephanie Boryla, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, UMB Financial Corporation
  • Elizabeth M. Snyder, Senior Vice President, Senior Manager Compliance Governance and Program Management, First Citizens Bank
  • Lynn A. Tarantino, CAMS, CRCM, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Cenlar FSB

10. Flash Session: Debt Collection Regulatory Update

fair-lending-compliance-trainingThe flash sessions are shorter, 45-minute long sessions that cover some of the most important regulatory changes and potential changes. All of them look really valuable, but we decided to highlight the Debt Collection update here, as the CFPB just released a proposed rule. The FDCPA is part of Fair Lending compliance, but it hasn’t traditionally gotten as much attention as regulations like HMDA, at least lately. That’s about to change, and this flash session should provide just the update you need. Here’s the description:

“This session will focus on the just proposed Fair Debt Collection Practices Act rule from the CFPB. Expect to learn about the new provisions regarding voicemail, texting, and other means of communicating regarding delinquencies, as well as the Bureau’s templates for disclosures and notices. We will discuss how the proposed rules may impact your oversight of third-party debt collectors.”


  • Diana Banks, Senior Counsel, ABA Center for Regulatory Compliance, American Bankers Association 

Another flash session we’re really interested in is the CRA modernization update.

Please note: We didn’t include the keynotes on this list, although we are very much looking forward to them! It’s just that those keynotes are typically the only session happening during that timeslot, so you wouldn’t be able to miss them anyway. The keynotes are:

  • Compliance Officer of the Future, with Patti J. Blenden, CRCM
  • Leading Stakeholders: Up and Across the Enterprise, with Betsy Myers

The List of All 50+ Sessions at the ABA RCC

Honestly, there are so many sessions we want to attend, that we really struggled to limit this list to just 10! There’s one on negotiation strategies that looks excellent, and another on how Compliance Officers can adopt a more agile approach that could be really insightful. Take a look at the list below, and see for yourself how many great options there are! 

Here is a de-duplicated list of all 43 sessions at the ABA RCC:

  1. Keynote Address: Compliance Officer of the Future
  2. Keynote Address: Leading Stakeholders: Up and Across the Enterprise
  3. Optional New Attendee Welcome
  4. Demystifying Al and Robotics – Mid-Size/Large Bank
  5. Demystifying AI and Robotics - Community Bank
  6. Data Governance in a New Era
  7. Effective Change Management -- Community Banks
  8. Next Gen Compliance Management Systems: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s CMS!
  9. Exam Management: Tips and Tricks – An Interactive Discussion
  10. Don’t Get Caught Off Guard – Conduct Risk Leading Indicators and Assessment
  11. Building a Strong Three-Lines-of-Defense Strategy
  12. Board Reporting: Is It "War and Peace" or "Cliff Notes"? A Roundtable Discussion
  13. Fine-Tuning and Creating Efficiencies for the Three Lines of Defense
  14. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger: Establishing an Early Warning System to Avoid Being Lost in Compliance
  15. Automated Testing and Monitoring
  16. Fine-Tuning and Creating Efficiencies for the Three Lines of Defense
  17. A Practical Guide to Implementing State Law
  18. Compliance Risks in Retail Investment and Non-Deposit Products
  19. Regulatory Roundtable
  20. Sales Practices Risk: Don’t Stop Now - It’s Time to Take it to the Next Level!
  21. Leading Indicators to UDAAP Risk: Being Customer Centric Without Compliance Compromise
  22. Compliance Hazards in Nontraditional Banking Channels: From Chatbots to Digital Assistants and more
  23. Developing a Policy on Reimbursements and Remediation
  24. Servicemember Regs – Covering the Bases
  25. FDIC Rules
  26. A Banker’s Guide to the New HMDA Data
  27. Top CRA Challenges and How to Solve Them
  28. Monitoring Your Mortgage Origination Lending Controls
  29. Commercial Lending Compliance Hot Topics
  30. Navigating the “Bayou” of Mortgage Servicing
  31. What the Flood? Don’t Get Washed Away By a Flood of Changes
  32. Fair Lending Hot Topics: What Is Keeping You Up at Night?
  33. Serving Diverse Communities
  34. Getting Agile: Compliance’s Role
  35. Successful Negotiation Strategies: Selling Your Ideas to the Right People in the Right Way
  36. Innovation Roundtable: Building an Innovative Compliance Function
  37. Data Protection Rules - It's More Than You Think
  38. Banking a Marijuana or CBD Business
  39. Mitigating the Risks of Banking High Risk Customers
  40. Technology Advancements in Payments and Their Compliance Risks
  41. Compliance and FinTech: From Onboarding to Monitoring and Everything in Between!
  42. Digital Marketing: When Compliance and Technology Collide
  43. Power Hour Sessions
    1. Power Hour Session #1: CRCM Information Session, Sponsored by ABA Professional Certifications - CRCM
    2. Power Hour Session #2: End-to-End Digital Onboarding Minus the Friction
    3. Power Hour Session #3: Regulations that Matter in a Deregulatory Environment
  44. FLASH SESSIONS: The Latest from Washington, DC
    1. The Future of Consumer Protection Regulation
    2. Mortgage Lending Regulatory Update
    3. BSA/AML Regulatory Update
    4. CRA Modernization Update
    5. Debt Collection Regulatory Update
    6. Compliance Considerations as You Transition from Libor
    7. TCPA
    8. Appraisals Regulatory Update
    9. Elder Financial Abuse - Hot Topics
  45. Regulatory Roundtable
  46. What to Tell Your CEO When You Return Home 

For more information on all of these sessions, please visit the ABA RCC website here! The full schedule is available there, with details on all of the sessions, speakers, and whether the session will repeat.

A Note On Sharing Learnings Post-Conference

After the conference, we always publish an article about what we learned at the conference. Since there are so many sessions at this year’s ABA RCC, we would love some help! If you’d like to share your insights with the team, and be quoted here, stay tuned. We will be announcing ways to get involved at the conference.   

In the meantime, here is one of our most popular info kits – a guide to CRA compliance!


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