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Give your board of directors the tools they need to lead

Support board engagement with an information platform that is secure, intuitive, and easy to use.

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No more phone polling!
Nboardportal is a secure, web-based platform that keeps your board members informed and engaged. From onboarding and training, to communication and committee work, to voting and decision making, your board members can easily fulfill their duties — while reducing risk to your financial institution.
  • Unlimited users, storage, updates, and support
  • Flexible configuration for operational structures including committees
  • Voting module eliminates phone polling between meetings
  • Centralized platform promotes more collaborative governance

Key features to support your board of directors and staff

  • Upload board information packets
  • Permissions-based and private document annotation
  • Facilitate fully backed up compliance and audits
  • Assured security following your FI’s unique data loss prevention (DLP) strategy
  • Searchable document repository with unlimited storage
  • Web-based to ensure all information is current, with alerts for changes
A powerful platform for board member engagement
  • Implement quickly with a turnkey solution
  • Create automated reminders and processes
  • Easily manage last minute changes to information
  • Add training materials and relevant content for board members

Trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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