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Lending Compliance Management Suite

Solutions for Fair Lending compliance management

Lending Compliance Management Software Suite

Designed, built, and supported by professionals with extensive experience working in and with financial institutions and mortgage companies, the Lending Compliance Management Software Suite is a cross-functional program with industry-leading compliance solution for Fair Lending, HMDA, and CRA, so your organization can analyze, facilitate and optimize the flow of data from lending and marketing activities to determine compliance. The combination of our transmittal, Fair lending, and community lending analytics software empowers lenders to navigate the lending ecosystem, mitigate compliance and lending risk, and accelerate healthy business growth.

Fair Lending Compliance
Fair Lending Analytics Software for HMDA and Non-HMDA Loans

Nfairlending allows you to identify disparities and fair lending risk for both HMDA and non-HMDA loans. Clients also have the option of regression analysis, which provides a closer look at loan data to determine if prohibited basis factors had any bearing on either the credit decision or the price of the loan.

HMDA and CRA Transmittal Software

Ntransmittal identifies potential data errors and corrects them prior to submission, for seamless HMDA and CRA transmittal without risks, delays, and penalties..

Business Continuity Management
CRA Analytics Software

Ncommunity helps you identify your risk exposure and determine key CRA-risk-related metrics, as well as analyze areas of excellence or focal points that may draw regulator attention.

  • Fair Lending Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Ncommunity
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  • Comprehensive fair lending analytics for HDMA and non-HDMA loans
  • Quick data error identification and correction
  • Detailed reporting of risk exposure and key CRA-risk-related metrics