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Integrated Risk Management Software Suite

Solutions for risk management and business continuity

Integrated Risk Management Software Suite

The Ncontracts Integrated Risk Management Software Suite combines risk management, findings management, and business continuity management to master the management of risk and keep your business going through all circumstances.

Enterprise Risk Management

Nrisk is an enterprise risk management solution that provides a holistic understanding of your organization’s risk, so you can evaluate, identify, and manage your risk effectively. The solution includes pre-built and configurable risks and controls designed for the financial industry.

Findings Management

Nfindings streamlines the management of exam and audit findings with automated task management and robust reporting capabilities.

Business Continuity Management

Ncontinuity is the flexible, scalable, secure online business continuity management (BCM) solution that enables your organization to fortify business continuity and resiliency.

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Findings Management
  • Business Continuity Management

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  • Holistic enterprise risk management
  • Streamlined exam and audit management
  • Comprehensive online BCM solutions