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Automated front-end HMDA data integrity review

Ncontracts HMDA Review is a loan-level review that detects missing HMDA data and errors while a loan is in-process.
Improve data integrity inside your loan origination system
  • Detect over 200 regulatory and data integrity errors in real-time
  • Reduce your compliance burden on loan sales to GSE's and investors
  • Prevent errors from becoming systemic by running the review at different stages in your workflow

Improve HMDA compliance efficiency in seconds 

  • Automated geocoding enables you to quickly geocode loan records with accuracy and confidence scores
  • Informative error messages help you quickly make corrections
  • Instantly calculate rate spread to identify whether a loan is a Higher Priced Mortgage Loan (HPML)

Trusted by thousands of financial institutions across the country

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What is a Compliance Management System & Why Does Your FI Need One?
Regulatory agencies have been emphasizing the importance of a strong and effective compliance management system, but with so much variability in programs, how can your financial institution develop a system that will best support its needs? This whitepaper will walk you through the basics while offering practical advice on how to ensure your CMS supports your strategic goals.